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Hand-held Shower Toilet Sprayer EcoSplash 110C

Hand-held Shower Toilet Sprayer EcoSplash 110C

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Non-electric Bidet Toilet Sprayer EcoSplash 110C

The stainless steel shower sprayer is water-powered. The hand sprayer is attached to a long, flexible hose and can be hung next to the toilet. The user points the sprayer to the area he needs to wash whilst he is in the toilet and presses a button to unleash a stream of water. Thanks to a long versatile hose, you can wash the place precisely to suit your needs. In addition, the pressure of the water jet could be changed by pushing the handle. Fast installation under the current toilet seat. The collection of the most needed pieces is included in the assembly package. Suitable for all toilet bowls due to exterior fixation and replace need for bidet. They greatly improve personal hygiene by bathing with water and massively reduce the need for toilet paper.

Wash Function

Pressure control:
Single water connect:


Single nozzle:
non Electric:
Easy installation:

Size and Toilet Requirements

Length (mm): 130
Width (mm): 90
Height (mm): 30

Parts & Details

Metal braided hose:
Connection Pipe (cm): 120
Fixing plate:
Metal T-piece 1/2" x 1/2" x 1/2":
Control side: R/L
Water pipe side: R/L
Specification for: DE
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