SplashLet 1500F


 BrookPad was created to create electric bidets. Our electric bidet boards are compatible with most toilet bowls, just change the top cover onto the BrookPad bidet and ready. Washing, drying and other services are at your disposal. Comfort and usability in your bathroom. The first two models are already available in your market.
SplashLet 1300RC is the latest product from the acclaimed American producer Brookpad LLC, from the USA, a country where shower toilets are very popular and have the highest market value. You know that SplashLet 1300RBS and SplashLet 1500RBS are the latest version of this manufacturer. The seat has been modernized and thanks to that it is even more comfortable and more ergonomic.
Like SplashLet 1300F and SplashLet 1500F, it has a control panel that supports many functions. Like other Brookpad models, it also has a sterilization process, thanks to which the water cleansing it has antibacterial and antifungal properties.
Due to its size, it fits most existing toilet ceramics. The assembly system with the mounting plate enables adjustment for the front and back so that it fits in the best possible way with existing toilet ceramics.

I had given a bidet seat some thought over the years but it was after a friend told me his personal experience and recommendation I began a search. I settled on this seat after much research, trying to balance the features, price and reviews. The seat has been installed over a year now and I love it. Installation was very simple and straightforward, if you have any basic handy skills you will have no issues.  That being said, I have learned to abhor using toilet paper. Not only do I feel cleaner, there are no more skid marks on underwear! Finding the right temperature, pressure and nozzle direction is not at all difficult.

Mark Stern

It's exactly what you'd expect from an at-home bidet in the affordable price range. The fact that I can move the water flow speed and location in real time is amazing.  I wish I had made this plunge years ago.  If you are considering whether or not to get a bidet seat or which one to buy, your search is over.

Brian Kelly

I love this seat. So do my kids. I make my kids (aged 4 and 6) go on this toilet and they can operate it themselves and I don't even have to wipe their butts anymore because this does the work for them (and me). They don't know how to maneuver the 'nozzle position' (only know how to start and stop) but they just scoot up or down the seat and adjust their butts to the spray lol.

Gary Brandt

SplashLet 2100R  remote control allows you to easily operate the device. The function selection is additionally confirmed by a soft sound. You can set the water temperature of the nozzle and the drying air, the water pressure, the nozzle setting. The ECO, CHILD and AUTOMATIC modes are also available. The magnet base allows it to be placed anywhere, including on the wall in the bathroom. 

Latest touch buttons remote control with 2 programmable user settings with comfortable magnetic handle for easy storage. Height only 19mm

SL 2100RC

SplashLet 1300FBS

IDEAL for experienced users who value practicality