Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bidet?

A bidet is a plumbing washing system that uses water for cleansing of the rear and frontal genitals, so that after each trip to the toilet, you can feel fresh and comfortable. It improves your hygiene and significantly reduce need for toilet paper.

What are the types of bidets?

There are several various types of bidets: stand-alone bidets also known as traditional bidets, portable sprayers, bidet attachments, smart bidet seats and integrated bidet toilets. There are non-electric and electric bidets. Non-electric bidets are powered only by water, electric require both water and electricity for functioning.

What is a classic bidet?

In general, classic bidets are mounted beside the toilet and look like a large tap basin, sink, and a water spraying pin. The user straddles the bidet after using the toilet and aims the nozzle into the genitals to help clean up.

What is a hand-held sprayer?

Hand-held sprays are connected to a long and flexible hose sprayer and are normally hooked near the toilet. The user points the sprayer to the area he wants to clean while on the toilet and presses the button to unleash a water stream.

What is a bidet attachment?

Bidet attachment sprayer are connected between the toilet seat and the toilet bowl and have a retractable nozzle with simple manual pressure control. Attachments are fueled by your bathroom's water pressure. Most are equipped with one source of water, although some provide the option of connecting cold and hot water supply for additional water temperature control. Many of the bidet extensions have only one stream of water, while others provide double nozzle for wash and bidet mode and customizable water pressure and temperature knobs.

What is a bidet seat?

Like a conventional toilet seat, bidet seats are mounted directly on the toilet bowl. They are available in both electric and non-electric versions and provide a broader range of characteristics than conventional bidets. Bidet seats are equipped with one or two nozzles that provide anal wash and bidet function. It is possible to use them directly after using toilet.

How long is the warranty valid?

You can extend the basic 1-year manufacturer's warranty for a total of 5 years. BrookPad - Guarantor will remove any malfunctioning device free of charge during the period of extended warranty. The plan covers all malfunctions and manufacturing defects in the device. A SplashLet extended warranty can be ordered up to 1 month after the purchase of your SplashLet. The extended warranty can be ordered for all SplashLet products no matter where you purchased them: the BrookPad store, Amazon, eBay, third party sites, or retail stores.

What is difference between electric and non-electric bidet?

Non-electric bidet seats are controlled by a manual single lever or knobs and are powered only by the flowing stream of water. While electric bidet seats are operated via the side control panel or wireless remote control. Most of the electric attachments are smart toilets that require both cold water and an electrical connection to function. On the other hand, with electric power, more functions could be provided, such as heated toilet seat, adjustable nozzle, oscillating water massage, air dryer, activated carbon enrichment, night lighting or precise water heating and temperature control.

What is a smart bidet seat?

Electric bidet seats are especially fitted with multiple features, depending on the type, including elements such as hot water heater, pulsating and oscillating spray options, enema washing, heated bench, hot air dryer, self-cleaning technology, night light, deodorant, automatic open / close lid and more. Some versions have the Occupation Sensor and Smart Eco mode for saving energy. These toilets are often referred to as Japanese toilets because of their popularity in Japan. More than 80 per cent of the home is fitted with a bidet toilet.

What is an integrated bidet toilet?

Included units are a bidet and a bathroom. They are generally the most luxury bidet type and often feature state-of-the-art facilities and techniques that carry comfort and convenience to new levels. Electric bidet benches, which have various features, including hot water heater, pulsating and oscillating spray options, enemy washing, hot air dryer, self-cleaning technology, deodorant, automatic open / close board and more, are specially designed, depending upon the model.

What are benefits of bidet?

For instance, the washing of the bidet is a gentler and more detailed solution to wiping toilet paper, rendering it the most convenient and hygienic way to clean up after using the bathroom. They can relieve symptoms of various intestinal conditions, such as hemorrhoids. Bidets are also an environmentally friendly choice. They are an ideal choice for those who find it tough to get to the toilet due to age or mobility disabilities. The bidet seats make it significantly easier to clean properly without the bending or twisting needed to be cleaned out.

How much does a bidet cost?

Electric bidet toilet seats cost anywhere from £300 to £1,000. Non-electric bidet toilet seats usually cost less than £100. Starting even from price as low as about £20. Electric seats that cost £300 usually have basic functions such as heated seat and wash. Then, as you add other features such as air dryer, deodorizer, remote control, stainless steel nozzle and night light, the price goes up. Non-electric bidets do very well one thing that is washing. They do not have any electronic components, so they do not have hot seats or hot water. On the other hand, electric seats offer comfort, while non-electric seats offer simplicity and affordability. What you choose depends on your needs. There are many variations of products to choose from. All provide very good value for money and different range of functionalities.

Why should I get a bidet?

Bidets eliminate waste and bacteria more quickly than toilet paper. They are the most sanitary way to get clean during bowel movements. Bidets offer a wide range of health and hygiene benefits, making them the natural choice for anyone looking to improve their toileting experience. In general, bidets remove waste residue and bacteria more effectively than toilet paper, so they’re the most sanitary option for getting clean after a bowel movement. Bidets are suitable for patients with hemorrhoids who have irritable bowel syndrome. Many bidets come with oscillating or pulsating washing options that help relax the intestines. They are providing a hygienic way to get washed. The electric bidet toilet seat (Japanese toilets) is an improved full-size variant that does not need any additional plumbing. They are hygienic and help you scrub the front and back of the last residue. There are a lot of people to pick a bidet to lie on toilet paper. Some bidets feature a warm air dryer that removes the need for cleaning, offering hands-free toileting experience from start to finish. Some also come with a wireless remote that can be controlled by a patient or a caregiver outside the bathroom door. This enables people with reduced independence to experience increased autonomy and anonymity in the toilet, while at the same time being incredibly clean.

Do I have to connect hot water to the bidet seat?

Smart toilet seat does not need hot water connection. Electrical seats are plugged into the wall, so that they do not have to attach to a hot water channel. Only attach the water pan of your bidet seat to the water supply of the toilet and you are ready to go! Many non-electric bidet seats and bidet extensions use water from the water supply of your toilet and therefore do not need a connection with hot water. However, there is a hot water feature in certain non-electrical bidets, and these rely on being linked to a hot water system. In this case all you will have to do is attach your bidet to the hot-water line with the T-connector that often could be found in moaning set included with product.

Do I need electricity installed in toilet for a smart bidet?

Electric bidet seats and integrated units require electricity for working. Most electric bidet seat has hot water heaters. Also, functions such as a heated seat, oscillating and pulsing washing spray, enema wash, heat air dryer, active deodorizer, night lighting, nozzle adjustment or self-cleaning require electricity.

Can bidet work without electricity?

Some bidets are powered by electricity, and others are powered by water pressure in your bathroom. Classic bidets, portable bidet sprayers, non-electrical bidet seats and bidet attachments do not need electricity. Attachments bidets are fueled by your bathroom's water pressure. Non-electric versions provide core function that is washing with water.

How hard is it to install a bidet seat?

Most smart bidet seats can be installed quickly and easily in less than half an hour without any special equipment or professional help. Overall, installing a bidet seat requires just a few simple steps. First, remove the old toilet seat and place the bidet mounting plate on the toilet. Then turn off the water supply to the toilet and install a tee valve on the drain. However, due to the variety of toilet connections, an adapter may sometimes be needed. Then just connect the bidet seat hose to the T-valve and attach the bidet to the mounting plate on the toilet. If Please note that some bidet seats require an electric plug that must be within a few meters of the toilet. Your seat is electric, the final step is to plug it into an electrical outlet. Also, if your bidet comes with a remote control, you'll need to install the faucets and place the dock on the wall. Basic assembly parts are included with all BrookPad bidets.

Will I need to use toilet paper?

That is up to you. If you use the air dryer, you will not need to use toilet paper. If you don’t use the air dryer, you might only need it just to dry yourself. But it both cases need for toilet paper will be significantly reduced as main cleaning is made with water and not toilet paper.

How well is the bidet toilet seat going to clean me?

Very well, water is a very good way to clean yourself, even better than with toilet paper. Bidets provide a wide variety of wellness and hygiene advantages, making them a natural alternative for those wanting to improve their hygiene experience.

Where can I buy a bidet?

As BrookPad focuses on a comprehensive bidet offering, you can also find an online bidet shop on If you're trying to buy a bidet online, you've come to the right place. We have a wide range of products ranging from handheld bidets, bidet fixtures and smart toilet seats. Plus, if you have a question about finding the right bidet or finding out which model will fit your toilet, we can help. Send us a message or chat if our consultant is available.

What is the best smart bidet toilet?

It depends on your budget when it comes to smart bidet toilets. All BrookPad products offer excellent value for money. But if you choose a model with a higher feature price, you will go up as well. If the price is not a problem for you, we certainly suggest the BrookPad SplashLet 2100RB if you are looking for a remote control version. Also, if you are looking for a top model with a side screen, the SplashLet 2100FB is the perfect option. All these units are extremely comfortable and equipped with additional advanced functions and more power. Both models are equipped with air dryer, active carbon deodorization, build in water pump, additional instant water heating system, smart electricity saving mode, pulsation and aerated wash and special rainfall shower nozzle. It is best on the market all in one solution for upgrading your toilet.

What is the best non-electric bidet?

When it comes to shower bidets, it depends upon the spending. Any product from BrookPad offers a good value for money. But if you want a more function then you are going to go up with price too. If your price is not a concern, the BrookPad EcoSplash 270HD offer most function when non-electric bidets are compared. It could operate on both hot and cold water allowing for temperature and pressure control. It comes with two angle adjustable and retractable nozzles for wash and bidet with self-cleaning mode.

How can I prevent my bidet remote from being lost?

Wireless remote control is an incredibly simple way to run a bidet seat, but you do not want to risk missing or destroying this critical piece of equipment. The positive news is that most portable remotes come with a dock or a mounting station that can be mounted to the wall of the bathroom. This provides quick access to remote control in the bathroom and ensures that it is not lost. In most situations, you can click the controls while the remote is in a wall mount, or you can detach it if you want to keep it while you are operating. Also, there is option to choose side panel that is fixed to smart toilet seat so it cannot be lost and is always on place when you need it.

What to do if my smart toilet will not fit?

There are several different shapes of toilet bowls, and it may not be easy to suit a bidet. It is a wise decision to verify if the bidet seat suits immediately, without using it. If you discover that your bidet does not match, you can replace the device if a comparable model is available in a larger or smaller version. In addition, thanks to our refund policy, it is also possible to return the purchase. Often it also happens that the same smart toilet, which is installed on the same model of a toilet tank, matches others and not others, sometimes it is a matter of taste.

Which smart toilet will fit my toilet bowl?

If you are looking for right fit for your toilet bowl it is good idea to check toilet requirements. Three most important dimensions that need to be check are length of the toilet, distance between mooning bolts and distance from front to mounting bolts. First is minimum length from front to cistern or wall (in case of wall hanging models) will help to check if there will be enough space for placing smart toilet. Most compact model 1000RB require at least 480mm of flat surface. Second is distance between mounting bolts, there is a range of minimum and maximum distance that will fit. Most toilet have 160mm between mounting bolts, but most SplashLet smart toilet could be installed if this distance is range between 120mm and 210mm. Last dimension is distance from front of the toilet to mounting bolts where moving plate could be mounted. If distance is in range between 400mm and 500mm there are SplashLet models that will fit. If you check dimensions of your toilet bowl then you will be able to select best fitting bidet for you.

Do I have to use a water filter with my smart toilet?

Main point of using filters is to supply clear water to device. It is recommended to use water filter and change them regularly depending how hard is your water. When hard water is heated, as in water heater of smart toilet, solid limestone deposits may form. This limestone will reduce the life of the equipment, reduce performance of the device and might clog the inner pipes. If you have central water filtering system in your house or you know that water in your area is very clear and soft with PPM close to 0 then it might not be essential to use additional water filter.

How often do I need to change the water filter?

The key point of use of filtering is to supply clean water to the system. It is advised that you use a filtration system and change it periodically based on how hard the water is. It is recommended to change filter depending on your water PPM (Parts Per Million) or how hard is water.

every 10 months if 0 - 99 PPM (moderately soft)
every 6 months if 100 - 199 PPM (slightly hard)
every 4 months if 200 - 275 PPM (hard)
every 2 months if 275+ PPM (very hard)

If you have a central purifier in your house or if you know that the water in your zone is very clean and soft with PPM close to 0 then it might not be necessary to have an extra filtration system.

Is there a difference between a bidet for a guy and a bidet for a woman?

Bidets are suitable for both men and women and will keep them fresh and clean throughout the day. Furthermore, they are ideal for people with arthritis who have difficulty wiping or keeping clean.

What exactly is the purpose of a bidet?

Applications are available. The genitalia, perineum, inner buttocks, and anus are all cleaned and washed using bidets. A vertical jet on certain bidets is designed to make cleaning and rinsing the perineum and anal regions easier.

Is it safe to use bidet toilets?

Is it true that bidets are sanitary? Yes, it is correct. Wash using a bidet, then pat dry with a tiny bit of toilet paper using the bidet's drying option for the best hygienic experience. That way, you will not spread anything, and the dry paper will not bother your skin as much.

After a bidet, how do you dry off?

You may use toilet paper or a towel to dry if you are using a typical bidet. Towels are supplied on a ring adjacent to most public bathrooms with bidets. Using a paper towel, on the other hand, is more sanitary and safe.

Is it worthwhile to invest in bidets?

A bidet may significantly reduce the amount of toilet paper used in your bathroom, depending on how many people use it. Although rinsing with water is relaxing, there is no scientific evidence that using a bidet improves health or cleanliness.

Is it preferable to use a bidet instead of wiping?

Bidets are gentler and more sanitary than toilet paper, which simply smears around your feces.Bidets squirt a small stream of water into your butthole, removing any remaining feces.

Is it true that a bidet cleans you?

Most bidets enable you to adjust the water pressure, giving you more control over how you clean. Once you have a bidet, you may try various water pressures and washing for longer or shorter periods of time to find what works best for you.

Is the water in a bidet cold?

Warm water and heated seats are available on all electronic bidet seats. The temperature of the bidet may be adjusted using the bidet's remote control for optimal comfort. Warm water relaxes muscles and completely cleans you, making you feel as if you have just had a shower.

What exactly is the difference between a washlet and a bidet?

Washlets are seats that sit on top of a toilet bowl and frequently include numerous cleaning choices and other functions. Bidets are separate fixtures normally put next to the toilet, with a regular faucet;

What exactly is a Washlet, and how does it function?

Using strong filters, the deodorizer thoroughly cleans the air surrounding the toilet. To remove undesirable scents, air is sucked in and passed through an ionized carbon filter. A premist wets the surface of the toilet bowl with the incoming water supply, assisting in waste removal approximately 80% better than a dry bowl.

After using a bidet, how do you dry?

You may use toilet paper or a towel to dry if you are using a typical bidet. Towels are supplied on a ring adjacent to most public bathrooms with bidets. Using a paper towel, on the other hand, is more sanitary and safe.

What is the function of a smart bidet toilet seat?

The nozzle (s) are incorporated into the bidet toilet seat wand (s). To give the wash or cleanse, the wands spray water via these nozzles. Many bidet toilet seats on the market come with numerous nozzles, each of which is intended to spray water in a certain manner to maximize the efficacy of various wash settings.

What is a smart toilet seat, and how does it work?

This toilet seat has a bidet for improved cleanliness. It also comes with a warm air drier, which is essential for keeping the toilet clean. It also comes with a warm air drier, which is essential for keeping the toilet clean.

Is the seat of the bidet heated?

The heated seat is included on all SplashLet models. It offers a heated seat, several water pressure and temperature settings, as well as rear and front wash. All SplashLets provide front and back wash choices, as well as the ability to modify pressure and water temperature. The heated seat's temperature may also be adjusted.

What is the best way to utilize a smart bidet?

Take a seat in the bidet seat. Begin the bidet cleaning process. Simply click the Wash button on the remote control or panel when you are ready to utilize the bidet function on the bidet toilet seat (likely mounted on the wall or attached to the seat). Make the necessary changes. Allow to air dry.

What is the purpose of an intelligent toilet?

Water washing is used in intelligent toilets and cleaning seats as a sanitary alternative to toilet paper, and you may customize the whole experience with straightforward settings. To aid waste removal, the water stream varies between mild and vigorous pressure.

What are some of the benefits of utilizing a bidet?

Personal hygiene and cleanliness should be improved. Reduce your environmental effects significantly. Save money and help the environment by reducing home trash. Better skin care and more user-friendly. Prevent obstructions by reducing plumbing issues.

How long does it take to place a pre-order?

It depends on the model you pre-ordered, but we make every effort to fulfill your purchase as quickly as possible. The time it takes to fulfill your pre-order is significantly dependent on the model. You will get your order before other regular customers if you use pre-order. We will find models that are not now available, particularly for you, so you may have the greatest model even if it is not available right now.

Is using a bidet healthy?

As a result, cleansing with water after pooping is a good idea, whether from a bidet or not. It is conceivable that bidets may assist with other medical issues including anal fissures, hemorrhoids, or constipation, but there is not much evidence to back it up.

What is the definition of a Japanese toilet?

A Japanese toilet, often known as a smart toilet, is a toilet that uses smart technology. Simply said, smart toilets can communicate with their users through a remote control. You can flush, spray, and dry with a one button push. The world's most sophisticated toilet system is this high-tech toilet.

Is it worth it to order a Japanese toilet?

Comfort is one of the main advantages of a Japanese heated toilet. It is a lot better experience all around, with features like air drying, a heated seat, and personal wash jets. With the use of a simple remote control panel, you can quickly customize the toilet to your liking.

Is it possible to purchase Japanese toilets in Europe?

In Europe, where can you get Japanese toilet bidets? BrookPad is a European brand and producer of bidet toilet seats. We offer a selection of 'Japanese-style' bidet toilet seats for sale that include several of the above-mentioned characteristics.

Is it possible to install a bidet on my toilet?

Toilet seats with bidets are meant to be fitted by anybody with no particular abilities. This sort of bidet connects to your existing toilet, so you will not have to bother with installing new plumbing. There is no need for a separate hot water connection with electronic bidet toilet seats since they heat the water for you!

Is it necessary to hire a plumber to install a bidet?

There is no need to engage a professional to install your bidet toilet seat if you are not comfortable with plumbing. Unlike freestanding toilet seats, which require additional plumbing lines, bidet toilet seats connect directly to your toilet's existing water supply.

Is there a toilet with a bidet?

A bidet toilet combination is exactly what it sounds like. It is a single unit that combines a toilet and a bidet in one unit, offering a luxury bathroom experience by combining a high-quality toilet with bidet functions. These bathroom fixtures have a sleek and contemporary design that will complement a variety of bathroom styles.

Do bidets that attach to the toilet work?

Add-on bidets, fortunately, work rather nicely. They are also inexpensive and simple to set up (if you can unscrew a seat from a toilet, then you can install a bidet). However, the market is swamped with add-on bidets, many of which are almost similar.

What is a bidet attachment, exactly?

Bidet attachments are placed between your existing toilet seat and the toilet.For people who are new to utilizing a bidet wash, the low cost of a bidet attachment allows them to try it out before making a bigger investment.

What is the function of the bidet attachment?

The spray from the nozzle is controlled by rotating a dial on the attachment arm. Although some individuals prefer to use both toilet paper and the bidet, the stream of water from the wand wipes away urine and feces without the need for toilet paper.

Is it worthwhile to invest in bidet attachments?

Bidets also help to save water.By lowering the usage of toilet paper, experts believe that their bidet attachments will save a significant amount of water every week. Although rinsing with water is relaxing, there is no scientific evidence that using a bidet improves health or cleanliness.

Which is better: a bidet remote control or a bidet side panel?

For a variety of reasons, wireless remote controls are chosen over side panels. For starters, remote-controlled versions are often higher-end versions with more capabilities and features. Customers just prefer higher-quality bidet seats, which are usually equipped with remote controls.

Is a dedicated circuit required for a bidet?

The bidet seat will stay inactive for the great majority of the time, using relatively little power, particularly if eco options are enabled. They do not need dedicated circuits as long as no other heavy appliances are connected to the same circuit.

Is it worth it to have a heated bidet?

Warmer water may give the impression of being cleaner, but this does not always imply that it produces cleaner skin. Cold water attachable bidet toilet seats and warm water attachable bidet toilet seats provide similar outcomes.

What is the function of a heated toilet seat?

A regular outlet is used to power a heated toilet seat. The energy heats up an element within the seat, which warms it up.

Is it worth it to have heated toilet seats?

A heated toilet seat is sometimes necessary, particularly if your bathroom is freezing in the winter. It is a luxury at times. Heated toilet seats may substantially improve your restroom experience, regardless of your goals. In fact, they can have such a strong impact on you that you would not want to accept anything less.

Is it safe to use heated toilet seats?

This heated seat will not only keep you warm, but it will also help you clean more quickly. It will also help you maintain optimum hygiene within the toilet bowl. Warm air, a slow-close lid, and adjustable water pressure and temperature are among the popular features.

What does it mean when a toilet seat closes softly?

Traditional toilet seats are a noisy and inconvenient alternative to soft-closing toilet seats. Because of the sleek and effective design, these toilet seats shut smoothly and steadily without the need for help.

What is the purpose of a soft closing toilet seat?

A slow-closure toilet seat is one that automatically shuts as soon as you begin to push it down. It is controlled by gravity, but it is controlled by unique, tensioned hinges. These seats are designed with unique toilet seat hinges that allow them to fall softly and quietly to their closed position.

Why do toilet seats shut softly?

As a result of Soft-Close, closing both the seat and the lid is softer, slower, and quieter, improving comfort and ease of use. Another benefit of this toilet lid closing mechanism and toilet seat is safety, which is particularly important when youngsters use the toilet.

Do soft closing hinges need to be replaced?

Do Soft Close Hinges Degrade Over Time? Soft close hinges, like any mechanical component, may wear out over time.

Do bidet toilet seats have a weight limit?

Finding one that can handle bigger users, however, is difficult. The majority of bidets have a 125-pound weight restriction. The seats provide all of the amenities found in a 'regular' bidet, as well as: Weight gain is, in reality, a limit.

Is it necessary to keep bidets clean?

Even though your bidet seat includes a nozzle wash option, cleaning it manually once a month is a good idea.

How do you keep bidet water from overflowing?

The SplashLet bidets have a backflow protection valve built within the bidet inlets. It functions as a check valve, preventing water from returning to the supply. Bidets meet EN 1717 standards for the measures to be used to prevent the contamination of potable water within premises, as well as the general standards for backflow prevention devices.

Is it safe to use bidet nozzles?

Water is more hygienic than using toilet paper since it gently cleans the area. Best of all, on all electric BrookPad bidet seats, the nozzles are automatically cleaned!

What are the functions of bidet attachments?

The spray from the nozzle is controlled by rotating a dial on the attachment arm. Although some individuals prefer to use both toilet paper and the bidet, the stream of water from the wand wipes away urine and feces without the need for toilet paper.

What is a self-cleaning nozzle, and how does it work?

Self-Cleaning Nozzles may be set up to generate a well-defined flat jet or a nozzle that cleans itself with water before use. It will keep your nozzle cleaner for longer, but it will not eliminate the need to clean your toilet on a regular basis.

Is a bidet filter required?

What is the purpose of a water filter in a bidet seat?  It acts as preventive maintenance, extending the life of your electronic bidet and protecting your investment. Small particles and hard water deposits in the water supply may clog nozzles and harm internal pipes over time.

How do you put a bidet filter in place?

Bidet filters can be directly connected to the water supply. As a result, water will be cleansed every time the bidet is used. The construction of the bidet necessitates the provision of clean water. Not only will you be bathed with cleaner water, but your gadget will also live far longer.

What is ion filter water, and how does it work?

Ion exchange water softener procedure that effectively transforms healthy, spring-like water with sodium-rich water while also polluting the environment with unneeded garbage. In no way, shape, or form, are water softeners filters.

What is an ion water filter and how does it work?

Drinking water is exposed to a resin containing electrically charged sodium ions in ion exchange systems. Magnesium and calcium ions in hard water bond to the resin and take their place as these ions depart the resin and enter the water.

Is it safe to consume ion exchange water?

They are, however, safe to drink in water. Water that is particularly “pure” or demineralized may be required for high-pressure boilers (water from which the minerals have been removed). Ion exchange is the most common method for removing undesirable ions (dissolved salts) from water.

Is it safe to use ion exchange filters?

Ion exchange resin systems are typically safe, reliable, and successful in removing pollutants such as chromate, uranium, radium, and perchlorate. It should come as no surprise that the usage of ion exchange resins has negative implications.

How effective are ion water softeners?

The hardness minerals (calcium and magnesium) dissolved in water are exchanged for sodium in an ion exchange water softener. This soft mineral is encapsulated inside the softer resin beads and does not form scale deposits on surfaces.