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Modern bath

How to buy a bathtub.

Before renovating your bathroom or installing a new bath, consider how big you want your bath to be. Do not feel that your bath must be hidden away in a corner. Instead, place it farther out in the room for a more luxurious look. A larger tub is recommended if you have the space, but a smaller tub may be suitable if you don't. Fiberglass tubs are easily scratched and do not last very long, having a lifetime of around twelve years. Do you plan to utilize the bath as a shower area, and if so, do you require a bath and shower mixer, or will you use separate mixers?

Showers and corner bathtubs are labeled "left-handed" or "right-handed" if appropriate. The item is right-handed if the arrow points to the right; it is left-handed if the arrow points to the left. Two-ended bathtubs are ideal for small areas; you may sit on either end without worrying about sitting on the plug or resting on the taps. A corner bathtub is made to fit in a corner, and triangular bathtubs may be used as showers as well as a seat. A standalone bathtub gives you the luxury of feeling like you are in a spa.

Look for a bathtub that has a high back end. Choosing the correct bathtub size is important in order to avoid disappointment. six adjustable jets in the tub massages the whole body. 12 air jets are placed at the base of your chosen bath. This chromatherapy system has 21 strategically-placed jets, with a built-in color-changing LED light system to assist in restoring balance.

Do you wish to listen to music while you bathe? This system may be utilized with a whirlpool or spa system, depending on your preferences. Acrylonitrile-butadiene Metal is no longer used in bathtubs due to it being lightweight and easy to maintain. The Supercast acrylic bath is far more durable and insulated than a traditional cast iron bath. A single-sheet steel bath is sturdy and simple to clean.

Our bathtubs are supplied fully equipped. When purchasing a freestanding bath, there are many accessories to keep in mind. Shower curtains are two kinds of shower curtains that may be used for showering in your bathtub. The overflow prevents you from overflowing your bath with filthy water. Like a button, a clicker waste can only be pushed in or out.

Consider adding additional splash protection if you select a bath with curved screens. Buy fabric floor mats to mop up spills and allow you to easily get in and out of the tub. Candles can help create a pleasant atmosphere and make bath time more enjoyable. Warm water relaxes the body and enables us to go asleep when a tense body is submerged in it. Regularly showering may create dry, itchy skin, as well as aggravate skin disorders such as dermatitis and eczema in certain people. Bath time should last at least 20 minutes, but hot water loses heat much more quickly than that.

With our collection of finest tubs, you may soak or shower in elegance.

Taking a long, hot soak in a tub loaded with bubbles after a hard day is the ultimate in relaxation. Contemporary bathtubs must, however, accommodate the pandemonium of children's bath time as well as the washing down of pets, among other things. Because many houses are limited in space in their bathrooms, they may be combined with showers to create a washing area that is both functional and attractive.

In what room are you planning to place your new bath tub?

Whether you are remodeling your whole bathroom or just replacing your existing bath, you will need to take exact measurements of your area to ensure that the new bath will fit. Getting a straight replacement may imply that you must get one that is the same size as your current one, but it does not imply that you must enjoy the same bathing experience. Investigate the possibility of replacing your bath with a new set of taps and rearranging their placement, or you could go for a new type of bath that has some novel features.

For those who are starting from scratch, consider how large you would want your bath to be before looking at our selection. If you have the space, do not feel that your bath needs to be tucked away in a corner; instead, try placing it farther out in the room for a more luxury appearance.

What are the different kinds of baths?

  • Baths with clawfoot and pedestal feet.
  • Baths that are recessed or alcoved.
  • Baths that are available on a drop-in basis.
  • Baths that are freestanding.
  • Baths that are tucked away in corners.
  • Bathtubs with whirlpools or Jacuzzis.
  • Baths with a door that opens or a gate.

What is the proper name for a tub that does not have a shower?

Freestanding bathtubs are intended to stand on their own in any location in the room, and they are often the main focus of the bathing environment. Freestanding bathtubs are usually completed on all sides and are easily accessible.

Is it necessary for a lady to take a bath every day?

While there is no optimal frequency for bathing, experts recommend that most individuals take a shower multiple times each week, which is sufficient for most people (unless you are grimy, sweaty, or have other reasons to shower more often). Showers that are just three or four minutes long and concentrate on the armpits and groin area may be sufficient.

What factors should I consider while purchasing a bathtub?

Generally speaking, if your house is capable of supporting it and you have the necessary room, a bigger tub is advised. If you have the necessary room, standalone and corner bathtubs are excellent choices. However, if you have a limited amount of available room, alcove, drop-in, and soaking may be more appropriate for you.

Which bathtubs have the longest life expectancy?

A fiberglass tub is the most affordable kind of tub you can purchase. Unfortunately, it is prone to scratching and does not hold up well over time, with a lifespan of approximately a dozen years. Fiberglass with an acrylic finish will last for a longer period of time.

Choosing the right bathroom faucets

It may seem strange to consider this before selecting a bath, but you must first choose what kind of tap is most appropriate for you, since this will determine how many tap holes your bath will need. A single hole will be required for a mixer tap, while two holes will be required for separate taps. In the event that you want to have taps that are mounted to a wall or the floor and reach over the bath, you will not need any additional tap holes.

Baths with tap holes already cut in, saving you the time and effort of drilling them yourself, are available in certain styles, while others are not. This offers you the option of either drilling in the number you will need for your selected bathroom taps or leaving the bath as-is for the time being. It is all up to you.

Consider whether or not you will be utilizing the bath as a shower area, as well as whether or not you will need a bath and shower mixer, or if you will use separate mixers for the bath and shower. Bath and shower mixers are available in two varieties: mechanical and thermostatic. Mechanical mixers are typical, while our thermostatic mixers provide simple and precise temperature control, reduce the danger of burns due to a 38°C blocker, and automatically shut off the water in the event of a cold water supply issue, among other features. Other versions available include cold body mixers, which are cool to the touch and are an excellent option for families with children or older people.

Baths for both left- and right-handed people

Our showers and corner bathtubs will be marked as left or right-handed on the product page if applicable. It is critical to make the appropriate selection, or else the piece may not function in your space. Consider the location of your new shower or corner bath, and picture yourself gazing at it from the front of the house. Turn the bath so that the widest end (in the case of shower tubs, the short leg of the L or the loop of the P) is at the top of the bath. If the arrow points to the right, the object is right-handed; if the arrow points to the left, the object is left-handed.

The many kinds of baths

When searching for the perfect bath for your bathroom or en-suite, keep in mind what you want to use it for as well as the amount of space you have available – have your measurements close at hand.

Baths that are straight

Straight bathtubs are the most popular kind of bathtub and can be fitted into even the smallest of spaces. They are available in either steel or acrylic, and they have a thin design with a classic form that works well in a variety of configurations. This design is also available in a space-saving version for bathrooms with limited space.

This kind of bathtub is generally encircled by a bath panel to complete the appearance, and it is often placed against a wall or in a corner to save on space and maximize functionality. This also implies that if you install a bath screen or curtain, you may use your bath as a shower as well.

Bathtubs with two ends

Relax at either end of your twin-ended bath without having to worry about sitting on the plug or resting on the taps since a twin-ended bath has two drains. This kind of straight bath, which is often a bit broader than a normal bath, has the plug and taps in the center, as opposed to the sides.

Baths with a shower

With just a minor increase in size over a conventional bathtub, shower baths combine the convenience of a shower with the pleasure of a bath, making them an excellent choice for compact spaces. In order to combine a showering and bathing space in one, shower tubs are available in either a P or straight-edged L form.

Bathtubs in the corner

Corner bathtubs are yet another excellent option if you have limited space and want to combine your bathing and showering areas. As the name indicates, corner baths are designed to fit neatly into a corner. The corner bathtub is often larger and shorter than a straight tub, which makes it simpler to set up than a straight tub. Due to the additional width they provide, triangle-shaped bathtubs, also known as triangle-shaped showers, may be used to great effect as showers. Additionally, some versions have a built-in seat, which is ideal if you need to climb into the bath to assist with washing young children or pets.

Models with the angle of the bath offset to the left or right are available in both symmetrical and asymmetrical configurations. A bath panel is also required to complete the appearance of a corner bathtub.

Baths that are freestanding

If you have a lot of room to work with and want to feel like you are in a spa, a standalone bathtub is the way to go. Instead of being forced into a tight corner, they may be used to create a really eye-catching focal point in your bathroom.

There are a number of elements to consider, including elaborate, classic style as well as more sleek, contemporary designs, among other things. For added comfort, consider a slipper bath, in which the rear of the tub is higher than the remainder of the bath. Look for roll-top bathtubs with a rim that scrolls over the sides of the tub for a more historic look, as well as flat-rim tubs for a more streamlined appearance.. What about adding claw-foot feet to your standalone tub to give it the genuine claw-foot look? A freestanding bathtub does not need a finishing panel, regardless of whether it is placed directly on the floor or on feet. The drainage and island bathtub fittings, on the other hand, may need the use of a specialist.

Baths at a spa

There is no need to spend money on pampering when you can enjoy a peaceful and sumptuous experience in the comfort of your own home with a spa bath. It is possible to purchase a straight or corner bath that has a built-in whirlpool system, and you can customize it with features such as integrated essential oil diffusers and LED lighting to make bath time even more pleasant. Many of our systems may be ordered with a Wellness system already installed, allowing you to enjoy a spa-like experience no matter what design you choose. Check to see whether your chosen model is compatible with the system.

Spa systems are described in detail

  • Whirlpool systems - a massaging sensation is provided by six adjustable jets in the tub. LED scrolling lights are included with the high-end system.
  • AirSpa systems are a kind of spa system. In order to produce bubbles, 12 air jets are installed into the base of your selected bath. Additionally, you may decide whether or not to include chromatherapy lights that change color.
  • BathSound systems - do you want to listen to music while you take a bath? This system links to your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone and may be used in conjunction with a Whirlpool or AirSpa system, depending on your preferences.
  • Chromatherapy systems – consisting of 21 strategically placed jets and a built-in color changing LED light system to aid in the restoration of equilibrium.

The typical bathtub measurements are as follows:

With so many different bathtubs available, finding the one that is the appropriate size for your area is critical to ensuring that you will not be dissatisfied.

Bathtubs that are straight or rectangular

There is a large selection of models ranging in length from 150-180cm and width from 70-80cm. If you have a wall that is about 180cm in length, you can install a straight bathtub.

Corner bathtubs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

These bathtubs are typically 120-160cm in length, but are 90-140cm in width, making them broader than straight baths. Corner bathtubs, on the other hand, may more readily make the most of a bathroom's awkward corner and can be placed under a sloping roof.

Bathtubs that save on space

The straight / corner shape of space-saving versions is ideal for tiny bathrooms, making it simple to take a bath without clogging up the space in your bathroom. The smallest dimension for a space-saving bathtub is 105 x 70cm in length and width. There are many different lengths available, ranging from 120-140cm for a straight tub to 150-160cm for an asymmetrical corner tub.

Bathtubs that are freestanding

Traditionally, freestanding bathtubs were only found in big bathrooms, but today there are versions that are more suitable for smaller spaces. Our freestanding bathtubs are about 170cm long, 80cm broad, and 50-60cm deep on average. An island bathtub may be readily installed in a 10m2 floor area if you use these common measurements.

Bathtubs with whirlpools

Bathtubs in this size range are quite big, but they are available in a variety of various forms, including 170 x 75cm, 180 x 85cm, and 180 x 80cm for straight baths, and 160 x 90cm, or 140 x 140cm, for corner tubs.

Materials for the bathroom

A synthetic material such as acrylic, Toplax® or Duoplax®, and resin has replaced metal as the material of choice for bathtubs since it is lightweight and simple to maintain. We also have a large selection of steel bathtubs to choose from.


Acrylic bathtubs are a fantastic budget choice since they are less difficult to install than steel baths and because they are available in a larger variety of forms. A robust alternative, with a hardwood frame and baseboard, as well as an underside reinforced with Glass Reinforced Polyester, they are a popular choice (GRP). As a result, the days of fragile acrylic bathtubs that bent as you stepped into them are over. Acrylic bathtubs, in contrast to steel bathtubs, are constantly warm to the touch. Acrylic bathtubs are nonporous, making them simple to clean and to polish down any scratches that may have occurred. However, avoid dropping heavy objects into your bath as this may cause it to fracture..


If you want all of the advantages of a classic cast iron bath with the newest innovations that acrylic has to offer, look no further than our Supercast collection. Supercast substantially strengthens an acrylic bath, making it as robust and durable as cast iron while also providing greater insulation, allowing your bath to remain warmer for extended periods of time. It also has a high gloss surface, is simple to clean, and is lighter than a cast iron or steel bath. This innovative factory-applied coating combines the comfort and warmth of acrylic with the strength and durability of cast iron to provide the ultimate in durability and strength.

Toplax® or Duoplax® are two different types of toplax.

These bathtubs are made from a mix of acrylic and ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), which makes them very durable and simple to maintain. They also do a good job of retaining heat.


A coating of polymer or gel layer is applied to the surface of the fiberglass to make the bathtub feel ultra-soft to the touch. It is highly resistant to abrasion while being lightweight.

Baths made of steel

Made from a single piece of recyclable steel sheet, steel baths are formed by pressing the sheet into a mold to get the desired shape. It is then protected with a hard-wearing and high-gloss enamel coating to ensure that it looks beautiful and lasts for a long time. However, steel baths are initially chilly to the touch due to the fact that they transmit heat efficiently and heat up fast. Consider if this is the best option for you and your house since, if the bath is not completely full, the sides will be very cold, which may have an effect on how soothing it feels. We exclusively recommend pillar bath taps (also known as hot and cold bath taps) for use with our steel bathtubs since they come with two pre-drilled tap holes.

It is possible that you may need

After selecting the kind of bath you want and the material from which it will be constructed, let us go over a few of the accessories that you may need to complete the look. Fittings and feet are included. Almost all of our bathtubs are delivered complete with all of the necessary fittings – be sure to double-check what is included before making your purchase. However, if you have purchased a standalone bath, there may be a few more accessories to take into consideration. Check out our selection of bath feet to complement your selected design, and do not forget to check at pipe shrouds and stand pipes as well. On freestanding bathtubs with tap holes, a pipe shroud is utilized to conceal the pipework that leads to the faucets. To be used in bathtubs lacking tap holes, stand pipes raise the taps so that they extend over the edges and into the tub.

Waste from the bathroom

Wastes, also known as plugs, are not only essential when it comes to the functioning of your bath, but they are also significant when it comes to its appearance. Bath wastes are supplied with an overflow, which helps to prevent you from overfilling your bath with dirty water.

For a more traditional bathroom, a plug and chain waste are recommended. Alternatively, if you want a more contemporary appearance, choose a pop-up or clicker waste. The pop-up bath waste is controlled by a switch that is located above the overflow: to open and close the waste, you just twist the switch. A clicker waste operates similarly to a button in that it can only be pushed in or out. Make sure to verify the waste compatibility of your selected bath before purchasing it.

Bath screens and shower curtains are two types of shower curtains.

Using your bath as a shower will need the installation of a screen or shower curtain to prevent water from spilling out into the room while the bath is in use. Towel rails and integrated storage are available on many of our bath screens, allowing you to keep your bathroom clean and tidy while still having your towel within easy reach after washing your clothes. Decorative windows are available with or without frames, in safety glass or acrylic, and in a variety of treatments such as clear, opaque, frosted, and curved or straight in shape. With the straight screen option, you may choose between a single, two, or four-panel design.

If you open a single panel like you would a regular door, some water will leak out when the door is opened. With a two-panel design, the fixed portion nearest to the taps is somewhat larger, providing a bit more protection from splashing when the shower is turned on. Look for models that have access to the taps from the side, allowing you to operate the shower without getting soaked. Four-panel variations are available. When it is not in use, it may be folded fully back to save on storage space. When taking a bath, screens with numerous panels come in useful since they may be folded fully out of the way and kept out of your way. Curved screens are ideal if you have selected a bath with a curved edge or if you just want a little more protection from splashes than a straight screen will provide you with.

Panels for the bathroom

Depending on your choice of bath and where it has been installed, you may want to consider adding panels to complete the appearance of your bathroom. Bath panels for the front and end of the tub are available in wood-effect finishes such as oak and walnut, as well as white patterns such as tongue and groove.

Bath panels may be used to not only conceal any plumbing or piping that you do not want to be seen, but they can also be utilized to provide additional storage or aesthetic appeal to your bathroom.

Bathing safety is very important.

To avoid slipping and sliding in and out of the bath, invest in a bath mat. We offer fabric floor mats to mop up any spillages and ensure it’s safe to get in and out of the tub. In addition, rubber mats with anti-slip grips are provided to guarantee safety while standing in the tub to use the shower or bath.

Accessory for the bathroom

Last but not least, do not forget about all of the small extras that will assist to complete your new tub. Consider purchasing a bath cradle to assist you in keeping your amenities organized. Alternatively, scatter some deliciously scented candles about to help create a relaxing environment.

  • What are the benefits of taking a bath?
  • Bathing has been shown to enhance heart health....
  • Taking a bath may make it simpler for you to breathe.
  • Bathing has been shown to be beneficial to the brain and neurological system.
  • Bathing has been shown to be beneficial to muscles, joints, and bones.
  • Taking a bath may help to maintain your blood and immunity....
  • Bathing helps to restore balance to your hormones.

What is it about taking a bath that makes you feel better?

The heat of the water calms the body and helps us to fall asleep more quickly. When a tense body is immersed in warm water, the hot water raises the body's temperature while simultaneously relaxing the muscles. Relaxing our muscles not only helps us to feel better physically, but it also helps us to feel better psychologically.

What are the downsides of bathing?

Showering on a regular basis may cause dry, itchy skin and has even been proven to exacerbate skin diseases such as dermatitis and eczema in certain cases. Showering on a regular basis, particularly in very hot water and during the winter, results in dry skin that is red and irritable.

Approximately how many times each week should you take a bath?

Make a commitment to yourself to soak in your hot tub once a day (or more if you would like) for the next ten days. Make a daily time slot of approximately a half hour for yourself—15 minutes for your bath, plus time before and after to transition—and stick to it.

How long should I spend soaking in the tub?

A good soak in the tub should last at least 20 minutes, but hot water loses its heat much more rapidly than that, so plan accordingly. There is always the option of draining part of the bathwater and running hot water from the faucet, but there are other, more efficient options.

Purchase a Bathtub: main points

  • A fiberglass tub is the most budget-friendly tub to buy.
  • Products will display the shower and corner bathtub designation if appropriate.
  • Straight bathtubs are the most common type of bathtub and are suitable for rooms of all sizes.
  • Tubs in a corner
  • You should also take advantage of corner bathtubs, which may let you mix bathing and showering.
  • The high-end system comes with LED scrolling lights.
  • AirSpa systems are spa systems.
  • Chromatherapy systems — 21 strategically positioned jets and a built-in color changing LED light system, helping to restore balance.
  • Bathroom-related supplies
  • Metal has been replaced with acrylic, Toplax®, or Duoplax® and resin in bathtubs since it is lightweight and easy to maintain.
  • Steel bathtubs are also available.
  • For usage with our steel bathtubs, we only offer customers double-drilled pillar bath taps (commonly known as hot and cold bath taps).
  • Four-panel variations are available.
  • When folded, it uses less storage space.
  • If you have chosen a bath with a curved edge, curved screens are perfect. Additionally, curved screens provide somewhat greater protection from splashes than straight screens.
  • Baths have been proven to benefit the brain and neurological system.
  • Bathing has been proven to benefit muscles, joints, and bones.
  • Regularly showering may create dry, itchy skin, as well as aggravate skin disorders such as dermatitis and eczema in certain people.

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