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Intelligent Bidet Toilet Shower SplashLet 1100RC

Intelligent Bidet Toilet Shower SplashLet 1100RC

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Electronic Bidet, Smart Toilet SplashLet 1100RC

Wash Function | Additional Functions | Control Type | Embedded Systems | Parts Included | SplashLet Size | Toilet Requirements | Technical Details

Introducing the Smart toilet with bidet and wash function, the ultimate solution for a more comfortable and hygienic bathroom experience. This innovative electric toilet seat can be easily placed on a traditional toilet bowl, without the need for remodeling or buying a new toilet tank. The seat comes with a single adjustable stainless steel nozzle, mounted in a slim seat, which is fitted with two separate water control valves for the bidet and the rear wash mechanism. The unit can be controlled by remote control or mini side panels, allowing you to change water pressure, temperature, and nozzle position with ease. The wash mode feature extends the nozzles and controls the water jet flow for a thorough clean, and the nozzle is also self-cleaning for added convenience.

In addition to the wash features, this smart seat also includes a heated toilet seat, a comfortable closing lid, night light, children's washing, water massage, energy-saving mode and a dryer, all built in a single smart seat. Installation is simple and easy, and a collection of the most suitable parts shall be included in the installation collection. This smart toilet seat fits well with most standard toilet bowls and is a great way to improve personal hygiene and reduce the need for toilet paper.

Japanese-style smart toilet seats may also be bought as a set with special Ion Water Filters, which will extend the life of your gadget. If you want to find the best toilet in Japanese style and compare various functions, here you can find a SplashLet bidet toilet seat function comparison.

This smart toilet seat comes with 29 total functions to choose from, including water wash, bidet, turbo wash, massage wash, children mode, self-cleaning nozzle and additional features like heated seat, seat occupancy sensor, soft closing, energy saving, LED night light, stainless steel nozzle, nozzle protection, one touch release, stop function and auto mode (wash & dry). With aerated wash and self-diagnosis features, the control type includes remote control and micro panel. You can adjust water temperature levels, water pressure levels, seat temperature levels, nozzle position levels and dry temperature levels. The embedded systems include warm air dryer, bamboo carbon deodorization, hydraulic water supply and instant hybrid heating.

The SplashLet bidet toilet seat is designed with a compact size of 505mm (length), 406mm (width), 150mm (height), and a seat hole of 290mm. The toilet requirements are also minimal, with a front to cistern minimum of 505mm and a front to mounting minimum of 420mm and maximum of 480mm. Toilet width should be between 350mm and 370mm, and mounting width should be between 120mm and 180mm. The technical details include a maximum power of 1450W, water heater power of 1350W, seat heater power of 50W, and dryer power of 200W. The maximum user weight is 120kg.

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Wash Function

Water wash:
Turbo wash:
Massage wash:
Children mode:
Self-cleaning nozzle:

Additional Functions

Heated seat:
Seat occupancy sensor:
Soft closing:
Energy saving:
LED night light:
Stainless steel nozzle:
Nozzle protection:
One touch release:
Stop function:
Auto mode (wash & dry):


Aerated wash:

Control Type

Remote control:
Micro panel:
Water temperature levels: 4
Water pressure levels: 4
Seat temperature levels: 4
Nozzle position levels: 4
Dry temperature levels: 3

Embedded Systems

Warm air dryer:
Bamboo carbon deodorization:
Hydraulic water supply:
Instant hybrid heating:

Parts Included

1/4" Hose:
Connection Pipe (cm): 80
Electric Cable (cm): 180
Fixing plate:
Fixing screws:
Metal T-piece 3/8" x 3/8" x 1/2":

SplashLet Size

Length (mm): 505
Width (mm): 406
Height (mm): 150
Seat Hole (mm): 290

Toilet Requirements

front to cistern min. (mm): 505
front to mounting min. (mm): 420
front to mounting max. (mm): 480
toilet width min. (mm): 350
toilet width max. (mm): 370
mounting width min. (mm): 120
mounting width max. (mm): 180

Technical Details

Maximum (Watt): 1450
Water heater (Watt): 1350
Seat heater (Watt): 50
Dryer (Watt): 200
Maximum user weight (kg): 120
Electric cord side: right (of the seat) or (left, looking from front)
Water pipe side: right (of the seat) or (left, looking from front)
Total functions: 29
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