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What exactly is a smart toilet?

Smart toilet is a device that combine toilet seat with additional functionalities such as bidet, rear wash, turbo wash, hot air dryer, heated seat, night light, smart sensor, children mode, deodorization or even eco mode for water saving. This basically replace need for using ordinary toilet paper and help improve hygiene. This type of toilet are most common in Japan were they are sued by more than 82% of households. In Europe thanks to BrookPad company they are also getting more and more popular improving everyday toilet experience.

What is smart toilet functions?

A smart toilet is a device that combines a toilet seat with extra features such as a bidet, rear wash, turbo wash, hot air dryer, heated seat, night light, smart sensor, children's mode, deodorization or even water-saving eco-mode. This removes the need for regular toilet paper and helps enhance cleanliness. This kind of toilet is most popular in Japan, where over 82% of homes sue them. In Europe, due to the BrookPad business, they are also becoming more popular, enhancing the daily bathroom experience.

Because of their prevalence in Japan, Japanese toilets are frequently called toilets. They are equipped with water heater, bidet, oscillating spray, heated chairs, hot air dryer, self-cleaning technology, night illumination and more. Turbo wash mode delivers a strong jet of water that assists with toilet use. It is accurate, completely clean. Air drying function may eliminate moisture from regular toilet paper or dry.

Smart toilets typically come with a remote wireless system that a user or caregiver may control outside the bathroom door. With side panel control, you may adjust all settings for your smart toilet. Remote control models feature a micro-control panel. It allows us to utilize most basic features including water washing, bidets, and stop function without remote control. BrookPad offers high-quality products using the latest advances in personal hygiene technology.

Before release, products are thoroughly tested to ensure consumers enjoy the greatest user experience. To offer long-lasting goods and simplicity of use, utilize only high-quality materials and components. Certified Certified Products are certified by CE and RoHs to meet all necessary standards. A Smart Toilet is a smart toilet that enables you to regulate seat water pressure and temperature. The warming function on the toilet seat will help you relax and make the journey to the bathroom quicker.

A smart toilet produces a distinctive water pulsation effect by changing water pressure. Rimless toilets are simpler to clean and sanitary, since they have no rim. The BrookPad smart toilet features a built-in water temperature control system, enabling you to shower at the right degree. The stainless nozzle is standard on most BrookPad toilets, making your smart toilet extra better. With only one click, you may convert your smartphone into work, making it more handy.

Wash water

Water wash feature allows using water to clean your rear region after being in the toilet. Washing factors like temperature and pressure may often be changed. Washing with water greatly reduces the need for toilet paper since water is the primary cleansing procedure, not wiping with toilet paper.


There is also women's bidet mode. Nozzle has more than one water delivery method. Smooth water stream with adjustable water pressure enables to clean front genitalia immediately after toilet. Often bidet's cleaning settings may be changed.

Hot toilet seat

Heated toilet seat allows warm seat temperature, particularly in chilly days. Because of the seat's warming effect, it helps you relax and make the bathroom trip quicker. Because of the built-in sensor, while occupying the seat, heating may switch on to desired preselected temperature.

Turbo wash wash

Turbo wash mode delivers a strong jet of water that assists with toilet use. It is accurate, cleaning completely. It is available in most smart toilets with normal washing mode and also for rear washing. Additionally, the water pressure may be adjusted to the appropriate value.

Nightlight LED

LED night light future lets you locate a toilet seat in the midst of your night toilet visits without turning on the main light. Ambient lighting makes your bathroom appear beautiful. Usually, smart toilet nightlight comes in light blue or white.

Hot air-drier

Using the wash function, you can also utilize hot air drying functionality. Even if you are going to be clean, dampness may remain. You may eliminate moisture with regular toilet paper or utilize a drying function according to personal preferences. Hot air streams remove water droplets and skin dampness.

Smart Seat Toilet

Intelligent toilet seats include numerous features and automated sensors. They feature facilities including water heater, washing choices, bidet, oscillating spray, heated chairs, hot air dryer, self-cleaning technology, night illumination and more. Due of their popularity in Japan, these toilets are frequently called Japanese toilets.

Integrated toilet

This is the most luxury toilet with the latest conveniences. The technology is incorporated into the ceramic bowl, making it appear beautiful. Integrated toilets include more sophisticated smart seat variants. Advanced cleaning or automated lid opening/closing are only a couple.

Remote remote control

Wireless remote control is a handy method to utilize smart bidet seat. If your bidet comes with a remote control, you can wall the dock. Smart toilets typically come with a remote wireless system that a user or caregiver may control outside the bathroom door.

Side Panel Check

With side panel control, you may adjust all settings of your smart toilet. Using your toilet with bidet feature is convenient. Side panel is fixed, so it can always be lost near your toilet seat. Water and seat temperature, water pressure, nozzle location may all be adjusted.

Micro-control board

Micro-control panel in remote-controlled models. It allows the usage of most basic function without remote control such water wash, bidet or stop function. Micro panel is positioned on the smart toilet side and provides a very convenient method to access the main toilet function with bidet.

Soft toilet seat and cover

Soft closure of both the seat in the toilet and the cover is extremely beneficial, since gradually descending cover does not produce noise while shutting. Using this dampening mechanism, you will use it without worrying about the lid shutting sound. Slow closing cover should not be pushed to shut since it decreases damper life.

Auto Close and Open Cover

It is one of the most sophisticated open lid features offered in integrated toilet. Both cover and seat may open or shut automatically, owing to the built-in sensor, without touching. A remote control may also be opened and closed by pushing only one button.

Automotive mode

Some smart bidet toilet may have auto-mode wash and dry function. Automatic function sequence is initiated one after another, simply by pressing one button. In children's mode, this feature also reduces temperature and water pressure. All in wash mode.

Active deodorizing

Bidet toilets may also be fitted with active deodorization. After using the toilet, you may switch on the ventilation to clean the bathroom air. The airflow goes straight through the compressed air filtration system, removing undesirable toilet smells.

Carbon deodorization

The toilet seat may have bamboo charcoal deodorizing. A specific bamboo charcoal is put next to the dryer, where air may flow. Coal absorbed the nasty toilet scent. This improvement improves airflow by collecting carbon and eliminating unpleasant toilet smells.

Adjustment of dryer air temperature

If smart toilet seat has hot air dryer, it may be adjusted. You can adjust air dryer temperature and intensity. Depending on the model, 3 to 5 intensity levels may be adjusted. This feature allows better drying experience, as you desire, and reduces the use for toilet paper.

Aerated washing

This is BrookPad's unique cleaning feature, which is offered in certain smart toilet seats. During washing, air is introduced into the stream producing micro-water bubbles. This function greatly improves cleaning efficiency and reduces water consumption while cleaning.

High quality

We provide top-quality goods, including the latest technological innovation in personal hygiene. Products are carefully tested before introducing to offer our client with the finest possible experience. Only excellent materials and components are utilized to ensure product longevity and user-friendliness. Certified Certified Products are CE and RoH certified to meet all necessary standards. CE certification shows compliance with EU product safety and environmental requirements. Devices have RoHs certificate ensuring compliance with restrictions on the use of certain hazardous chemicals in electrical and electronic equipment.

Child's mode

Child Mode is child-specific function. It allows one-button to utilize all major applications. Functions like washing and drying start one after another. Additionally, pressure and temperature are modified to suit younger users better.


Eco Mode (Electricity Saving Mode) is a feature that reduces device power usage. Unless occupied, the device will reduce seat temperature and switch off heating at nighttime. This will increase product efficiency while retaining excellent product performance.

No electricity

Non Electric bidet toilet accessories enable bidet operation without power. It just needed water hookup. This solution allows hot and cold water with bidet and back wash function. Through clever control, wash temperature and pressure may be adjusted.

Buzzle Protection

Nozzle Protection helps protect nozzle from water or dust. This function helps preserve your nozzle's excellent appearance and condition. It is offered in non-electric versions as a protective barrier and in smart toilet as a retractable nozzle in the seat.

Nozzle Position Position

In Smart Toilet, you may automatically change Nozzle Position by pushing the button on device control. Non-electric bidet may feature manually adjustable nozzle. Proper nozzle placement will enhance washing quality and provide better washing experience.

Self-clean nozzle

This feature will assist maintain a decent nozzle. Dedicated water stream will pre-use nozzle in smart toilet types. It is also available in certain non-electric bidets. Bidet nozzle cleaning may be easy, simply push one button.

Wash pulsation

Pulsation Wash Unique pulsation wash function. Smart toilet creates unique water pulsation effect by adjusting water pressure. Due to fluctuating water pressure, the impact of massaging water is mild. Pulsation wash function will offer an enjoyable and soothing wash experience.

Oscillating Massage

Water-based oscillation massage in smart toilet. With this function you may not only wash yourself, but also relax. Nozzle automatically jet water back and forth simultaneously. This creates nice filling, improving washing accuracy.

Rimless WC

A rimless toilet lacks traditional rim. A direct flush method shoots water around a flat pan side instead of water flowing through the bowl all around the bottom. Easier to clean and more sanitary than traditional toilets since they do not have a rim.

Sitting temperature

Smart toilet seat temperature is set if heated feature is offered. Temperature and heater are adjustable. There are 3-5 temperature ranges

Pressure of water

A smart toilet seat can regulate the water pressure. Additionally, pressure may be adjusted using an adjustable valve in non-electric sprayers. Adjusting water pressure will increase washing experience. Click the button or switch control knob to change the water pressure to the desired amount. You can obtain as much water pressure as you want.

Temperature of water

Smart toilet water temperature may be changed. Water would heat to the right temperature, enabling you to shower at the chosen temperature. Some bathroom accessories also feature built-in water management system. In a non-electric type, mix hot and cold water to obtain the necessary water.

Inoxidable nozzle

Stainless steel nozzle helps maintain your nozzle. Because of its longevity, it may be washed with cotton. The sleek stainless steel finish appears very contemporary and appealing. The stainless nozzle is standard on most BrookPad smart toilets, making your smart toilet extra better.

The following are the main smart toilet functionalities.

  • Water Wash
  • Bidet
  • Heated Toilet Seat
  • Turbo Wash
  • LED Night Light
  • Top Quality
  • Certified
  • Child Mode
  • Eco Mode
  • Non Electric
  • Nozzle Protection
  • Nozzle Position
  • Nozzle Self Clean
  • Oscillation Massage
  • Rimless Toilet
  • Pulsation Wash
  • Seat Temperature
  • Water Pressure
  • Water Temperature
  • Stainless Steal Nozzle

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