Guide to the Functions of the Smart Bidet Toilet Seat

What would a heated toilet seat entail?What would a heated toilet seat entail?

Private pool in your Toilet every time you need it?

Can you recall the fun sensation of being in a pool? You will also wash your hands with water straight from your bathroom. The intelligent toilet seat can do in. What functions to anticipate This section contains a comprehensive list of all the functions available in a modern bathroom. You may have a range of concerns before making a toilet seat purchase. A concise overview of the major distinctions and mechanisms of smart toilets can be found here. What styles of toilets are available? Is not a toilet just another term for a bathtub? This is not so! There are several styles of toilets available, and it is important to weigh all of your choices since the kind you want would have a huge effect on the aesthetics of your bathroom. BrookPad discusses many of the various facets of toilets to assist you in making your selection. How can a toilet be installed? Consider how and when the toilet would be used when purchasing one, particularly if it would be in a suite or cloakroom. To determine the full dimensions of a toilet, measure the available space in your bathroom, taking into consideration the distance the toilet can extend from the wall and the amount of space required in front of it. Before making a purchase, it is a good idea to create a scaled plan of your bathroom and organise your belongings. When shopping for a smart toilet or a Japanese style toilet, you will note that these machines perform a variety of functions. If you are searching for a response to the question "What is a Japanese toilet?" then you have come to the right place. Here you can find a rundown of the roles that certain toilets with bidets have.

  • What kinds of toilets are there?
  • BrookPad examines several different aspects of toilets to help you make your decision.
  • How does one go about installing a toilet?

Water to Clean

After using the bathroom, the water wash feature allows you to use water to clean your rear part. Washing parameters such as temperature and pressure will often be changed. Since the primary cleaning method is performed with water rather than brushing with toilet paper, washing with water greatly reduces the need for toilet paper.

The bidet

There is also a female-only bidet mode. More than one water distribution device is being installed in Nozzle. Since using the toilet, a gentle water stream with adjustable water pressure should be used to clean the front genitalia. The bidet function's washing parameters will frequently be changed.

Toilet Seat with Heat

Heated toilet seats have a soft, flexible seat temperature, which is particularly useful on cold days. The warming impact of the seat allows you to relax and speed up your walk to the restroom. When the seat is filled, the heating will transform on to the required pre-set temperature thanks to the built-in sensor.

Washing Turbo

The turbo wash mode produces a powerful stream of water that aids in toilet use. It is accurate and completely cleans. It is built for rear washing and is available in most smart toilets with normal washing feature. In this mode, the water pressure may also be adjusted to the required level.

What is a toilet with smart technologies installed in?

 What is a toilet with smart technologies installed in?

Nightlight with LEDs

The LED night light of the future allows you to locate a toilet seat in the middle of the night without turning on the main light. Ambient lighting offers the bathroom a sophisticated appearance. The light blue or white color of a smart toilet night light is popular.

Dryer of Hot Air

After using the wash app, you may also use the hot air drying option. Even if you clean yourself, the moisture will remain. It is possible to extract moisture with ordinary toilet paper or by using a drying feature, depending on personal preferences. Water rises and moisture are removed from the skin by hot air currents.

Toilet Seat with Intelligence

Intelligent toilet seats come with a variety of features and automatic controls. They have a water heater, laundry options, a bidet, an oscillating spray, heated benches, a hot air dryer, self-cleaning technology, night lighting, and other features. Because of their importance in Japan, these toilets are sometimes referred to as Japanese toilets.

Toilet with built-in smart technology

This is the most opulent bathroom with the most up-to-date facilities. The technology is built right into the ceramic cup, giving it a flawless appearance. More specialized models of the smart seat can be used in integrated toilets. Advanced washing or automated lid opening and closure are only a few examples.

Remote Control

Using a smart bidet seat with a wireless remote control is incredibly comfortable. You should mount the dock on the wall if your bidet comes with a remote control. Smart toilets are often equipped with a portable remote control that can be controlled from outside the bathroom door by the customer or a caregiver.

How do Lids and Covers Automatically Close and Open?

 How do Lids and Covers Automatically Close and Open?

Controls on the side panel

You will monitor any of the parameters in your smart toilet using the side panel control. It is a nice way to use your bidet-equipped toilet. Since the side panel is set, it is still by the toilet seat and cannot be misplaced. The temperature of the water and the seat, as well as the washing pressure and nozzle location, may all be adjusted.

Control Panel for Microcomputers

Models with a remote control come with a micro control screen. It enables most key functions, such as water wash, bidet, and pause, to be used without the need of a remote control. The micro panel is located on the side of the smart toilet which provides a very convenient way to view the toilet us key functions, including the bidet.

Toilet Seat and Cover Soft Closing

The gradual lowering cover should not make a noise while closed, so soft closing of both the toilet seat and the cover is really helpful. You would be able to use this damping mechanism without being concerned with the vibration of the lid shutting until you have become used to it. The life of the damper would be shortened if the slow closing cover is pushed to close quicker.

Lid and Cover Close and Open Automatically

It is one of the most innovative lid-opening features that an incorporated toilet may provide. Because of the built-in sensor, both the cover and the seat will open and close automatically without the need for touching. A single button on the remote control may also be used to open and shut the cover.

Automated Mode

Some smart bidet toilets have an auto-mode wash and dry option. Just one button will initiate an automatic series of functions, one after the other. This feature is also present in the children's mode, which lowers the temperature and water pressure. Many of the clothes are washed at the same time.

What does it mean to wash with aerated water?

 What does it mean to wash with aerated water?

Deodorization that is active

Active deodorization may be added to toilets with a bidet feature. You should switch on the ventilation after using the toilet to keep the air in the bathroom clean. The compressed air filtration device prevents unnecessary odors from the bathroom when the wind flows into it.

Deodorization of Bamboo Carbon

Bamboo charcoal deodorizing can be integrated into the toilet seat. A special bamboo charcoal is put near the dryer in a location where air will flow. The scent from the toilet was consumed by the coal. By absorbing pollution and extracting odors from the bathroom, this improvement improves ventilation.

Changing the temperature of the dryer's air

It is possible to customize the smart toilet seat if it is fitted with a hot air dryer. The temperature and pressure of the air dryer may be adjusted. There are 3 to 5 strength ranges that can be set, depending on the model. This feature allows for a smoother drying experience while still reducing the need for toilet paper, which is just what you want.

Wash with Aerated Water

BrookPad created this revolutionary washing feature, which is available in some smart toilet seats. During the washing process, air is introduced into the water stream, resulting in micro water air bubbles. This function improves cleaning quality and reduces the amount of water used during the cleaning process.

Highest Quality

We include high-quality items that incorporate the most current technical advancements in the field of personal hygiene. Before being introduced, products are thoroughly checked to ensure that our customers get the greatest possible experience. To ensure long-lasting goods and ease of usage, only high-quality materials and parts are used.

What is the eco-friendly mode and how does it work?

What is the eco-friendly mode and how does it work?


Certified Products are CE and RoHs certified to meet all applicable standards. CE labeling means that a commodity meets EU protection and environmental requirements. The devices have a RoHs permit, indicating that they adhere to the restrictions on the usage of such dangerous chemicals in computer and electrical appliances.

Children's Mode

Child Mode is a dedicated feature for infants. It allows you to access all of your favorite services with a single button press. Washing and drying functions would be started one after the other. Additionally, friction and temperature are calibrated to best fit younger consumers in order to have a more comfortable experience.

Eco-friendly mode

Eco Mode (Electricity Saving Mode) is a feature that allows you to reduce your device's electricity usage. When the seat is not filled, the device lowers the temperature and switches off the heating at night. This would increase the product's energy efficiency while retaining its high performance.


Non-electric bidet toilet attachments allow bidet usage without the use of electricity. All that was needed was a water link. This solution allows for both hot and cold water to be used in the bidet and rear wash. Both the temperature and the intensity of the wash can be regulated thanks to the revolutionary control.

Security for the Nozzle

The Nozzle Protection helps to protect the nozzle from dust and water. This functionality aids in the maintenance of your nozzle's appearance and condition. It is available as a safety shield in non-electric versions and as a retractable nozzle that hides in the seat in smart toilets.


What is the aim of pulsation when it comes to washing?

What is the aim of pulsation when it comes to washing?

Nozzle position

By pressing the button on the device control, the Smart Toilet will automatically change the Nozzle Position. A manual-adjustable nozzle can be used on non-electric bidets. The proper placement of the nozzle would increase the consistency of the wash and provide a smoother wash experience.

Self-cleaning Nozzle

This role can assist with keeping the nozzle in good working order. In smart toilet versions, a dedicated stream of water can clean the nozzle before usage. Some bidets that are not electric have this feature as well. Cleaning the bidet nozzle is as easy as pressing a single button.

Washing with Pulsation

Pulsation Wash is a one-of-a-kind wash with a pulsation influence. The smart toilet can produce a unique water pulsation impact by adjusting the water pressure. It can produce a soft water massaging effect due to the changing water pressure. The pulsation wash function can make your washing experience more fun and soothing.

Massage with Oscillation

In smart toilets, oscillation massage with water is available. You may use this function to not only wash yourself after going to the toilet, but also to relax. Nozzles switch back and forth automatically, spraying water at the same time. This results in a more friendly filling as well as improved washing accuracy.

Toilets with no rims

A toilet with no rim is known as a rimless toilet. Instead of water flowing all the way around the bottom of the tub, a direct flush method fires water around the side of a flat plate. Since they do not have a lip, rimless toilets are easy to clean and more hygienic than traditional toilets.

How can I control the water temperature?

 How can I control the water temperature?

Temperature of the Seat

If a heated feature is usable, you can adjust the temperature of the smart toilet seat. The heater's and the temperature can also be changed. Depending on the model, 3 to 5 temperature levels may be selected. The heat element on the toilet seat can help you relax and speed up your toilet journey.

Pressure in the Water

In a smart toilet seat, the water pressure may be adjusted. In non-electric sprayers, pressure may also be regulated with an adjustable valve. The washing experience may be improved by adjusting the water speed. To change the water speed, simply push the button or switch the control knob to the desired setting. You can pick how high or how little water pressure you like.

Temperature of the Water

The water temperature in the smart toilet can be changed. The water will be heated to the perfect temperature, enabling you to shower comfortably. A built-in water treatment system is often used in certain bathroom gadgets. To get the appropriate water in a non-electric model, you can mix hot and cold water.


Smart toilets have a battery feature that allows you to switch on and off the power without having to unplug the unit. This feature would make it easier to monitor the device's power system. You may even switch the computer on and off with a single click of the mouse. The goal is straightforward and practical.

How may smart toilets and bidet toilets increase comfort?

  • BrookPad SplashLet and EcoSplash toilets are used all throughout the globe, therefore it is no wonder that there are so many bidet toilet alternatives.
  • Bidet toilets, on the other hand, have a bidet that cleans messes in the same way as a single bidet would.
  • However, by integrating two fixtures and eliminating the need to cycle between the toilet and the bidet, you may enhance the amount of space available in your bathroom.
  • For example, the BrookPad SplashLet smart toilet combines the greatest features of current toilets with the capacity to clean like a bidet.
  • Seat ventilation, a hot air dryer, various pressure settings, turbo wash, odor extraction, and a night light function are just a few of the choices.
  • Apart from bidet toilets, which combine the best of both worlds, replacement bidet accessories for existing toilets are often affordable.
  •  While saving money on toilet paper, using a smart toilet may assist to minimize global deforestation.
  • Never be afraid to take a risk and try something new.

 Comfort is improved with smart toilets and bidet toilets.


Bidets have long been considered a separate unit from toilets, despite the fact that they are often mounted next to them. Water spraying and rinsing was done in a soft and clean manner. People all over the world use BrookPad SplashLet and EcoSplash toilets, so it is no surprise that there are so many bidet toilet options. Bidet toilets, on the other hand, have a bidet that cleans messes similarly to a single bidet. However, you can increase the amount of space available in your bathroom by combining two fixtures and avoiding the need to rotate between the toilet and the bidet. The BrookPad SplashLet, for instance, is a smart toilet that combines the best aspects of modern toilets with the ability to clean like a bidet. Just a few of the options include seat ventilation, a hot air dryer, variable pressure settings, turbo wash, odor extraction, and a night light feature. Aside from bidet toilets, which combine the best of all worlds, replacement bidet accessories for existing toilets are often inexpensive. The hose on these revolutionary bidet toilet seats cleans you as needed. While not as impressive as BrookPad's shower toilets, they are more affordable and compatible with a wider variety of toilets, allowing even those with older fixtures to appreciate the convenience of a smart bidet toilet.


A stream of water, particularly heated water, will undoubtedly improve productivity. "Gentle" and "smart bathroom" connote not only a more relaxed, but also a healthier state of mind. It all boils down to one's physical well-being. Toxins that function as feeding grounds for bacteria are removed while you keep the body safe. Bidets come in a variety of types, as one would expect. Each instrument is self-contained in its own case. On top of the toilet, each toilet seat or lid is designed to be used. - one of them is a scientific marvel that you can never truly appreciate unless you visit Japan. Just a few of the features available include hot water, air drying, automatic on/off, and low-maintenance self-cleaning nozzles. In European homes, smart toilet seats are becoming more popular. In recent years, bidet sprayers designed for European bathrooms have become more available. The nozzle remains in the bidet before the "clean" button on the remote control or the button on the bidet control's end is pressed. The spray head may be completely stationary or detached from the washer's base. The laundry machine's rinse cycle may be momentarily stopped until the spin cycle begins as the water temperature increases. Smart toilets will benefit not just your health and convenience, but also the health and well-being of your society and the environment at large. BrookPad is committed to utilizing as much recycled products as possible to reduce greenhouse gas pollution. Using a smart toilet may help to reduce global deforestation while still saving money on toilet paper. Never be scared to branch out and do something new.


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