Comprehensive guide to the styles and advantages of toilet sprayers

Everything you need to know about smart toilet seats and Japanese aesthetic toilets.

What are toilet seat and bidet sprayers?What are toilet seat and bidet sprayers?

Would you like to know more before buying a toilet seat?

You may have a number of questions before purchasing a toilet seat. A short reference to the key differences and mechanics of smart toilets can be found here. What are the various types of toilets? Is not a toilet yet another name for a bath? That is not the case! There are several different types of toilets on the market, and it is important to consider all of your options since the kind you chose would have a significant impact on the appearance of your bathroom. BrookPad goes through all of the different aspects of toilets to help you make your decision. What is the best way to install a toilet? When buying a toilet, consider how and where it would be used, particularly if it will be in a suite or cloakroom. To calculate the maximum dimensions of a toilet, measure the usable space in your bathroom, taking into account how far it may reach from the wall and how much space it would need in front of it. It is a smart idea to draw up a scaled plan of your bathroom and organize things before making a purchase.

·         Before buying a toilet seat, you may have a few queries.
·         What is the most effective method for installing a toilet?
·         Consider how and where a toilet will be used when purchasing one, especially if it will be in a suite or cloakroom.

What exactly is a bidet?

A bidet is a plumbing cleaning machine that uses water to clean the rear and frontal genitals so that you can feel new and relaxed during each ride to the bathroom. It increases your health and cuts down on the amount of toilet paper you use.

What are the different kinds of bidets?

Stand-alone bidets, also known as conventional bidets, handheld sprayers, bidet adapters, smart bidet benches, and integrated bidet toilets are all examples of bidets. There are two types of bidets: non-electric and electric. Non-electric bidets run solely on water, while electric bidets run on both water and electricity.

What is the difference between a bidet extension and a bidet?

Bidet attachment sprayers have a retractable nozzle with basic manual pressure control and are attached between the toilet seat and the toilet tank. The water pressure in your bathroom powers attachments. Most have just one water supply, but several have the choice of connecting cold and hot water supplies for greater water temperature regulation. Many bidet extensions only have one stream of water, while some have two nozzles for wash and bidet modes, as well as adjustable water intensity and temperature knobs.

·         Bidet attachment sprayers have a retractable nozzle with basic manual pressure control and are attached between the toilet seat and the toilet tank.
·         The water pressure in your bathroom powers attachments.

What is the concept of a hand-held sprayer?

Hand-held sprays are usually hooked by the toilet and are attached to a long and compact hose sprayer. When on the toilet, the consumer directs the sprayer to the place he needs to clean and clicks the button to start a water stream.

What is a traditional bidet?

Classic bidets are typically placed next to the toilet and resemble a big tap basin, drain, and water spraying pin. Since using the bathroom, the person straddles the bidet and cleans up by aiming the nozzle into the groin.

What is the purpose of a bidet seat?

Bidet seats, like regular toilet seats, are placed directly on the toilet tank. They come in both electric and non-electric models, and they have a wider variety of features than traditional bidets. Bidet seats have one or two nozzles to have an anal wash as well as a bidet feature. They should be used immediately after using the restroom.

What is the rationale behind the idea of a smart bidet seat?

What is the rationale behind the idea of a smart bidet seat?

What is the gap between an electric and a manual bidet?

Non-electric bidet seats are controlled by a single manual lever or knob and are driven solely by the water flow. Electric bidet chairs, on the other hand, are operated by a side control panel or a wireless remote control. The majority of the electric accessories are smart toilets, which need both cold water and an electrical link to work. More controls, such as a heated toilet seat, flexible nozzle, oscillating water massage, air dryer, activated carbon enrichment, night illumination, or specific water heating and temperature regulation, may be supplied with electric electricity.

·         Non-electric bidet seats are controlled by a single manual lever or knob and are driven solely by the water flow.
·         Electric bidet chairs, on the other hand, are operated by a side control panel or a wireless remote control.

What is the concept of a smart bidet seat?

Depending on the model, electric bidet seats can include features such as a hot water heater, pulsating and oscillating spray choices, enema washing, heated table, hot air dryer, self-cleaning technology, night light, deodorant, automatic open / close lid, and more. The Occupation Sensor and Smart Eco mode are available on certain models to help save electricity. Because of their importance in Japan, these toilets are sometimes referred to as Japanese toilets. A bidet toilet is installed in more than 80% of the homes.

What is a bidet toilet with an incorporated bidet?

A bidet and a toilet are included in the package. They are the most opulent bidets, with state-of-the-art equipment and procedures that elevate comfort and functionality to new heights. Depending on the brand, electric bidet benches have a variety of features such as a hot water heater, pulsating and oscillating spray options, enemy washing, hot air dryer, self-cleaning technology, deodorant, automated open / close board, and more.

What are the advantages of using a bidet?

For example, bidet cleaning is a gentler and more thorough approach than wiping toilet paper, making it the most comfortable and sanitary way to clean up after using the bathroom. They can help with the effects of a variety of intestinal problems, including hemorrhoids. Bidets are often a good option for the climate. They are a great option for those who have trouble getting to the bathroom due to age or mobility issues. The bidet seats make it much simpler to clean properly since they eliminate the need for bending or spinning.

What is the price of a bidet?

Bidet toilet seats with an electric bidet range in price from £300 to £1,000. Bidet toilet seats that are not electric normally cost less than £100. Starting at about £20, there are a variety of options. Basic functions such as heated seat and wash are normally included in electric seats that cost £300. The price rises when you install features including an air dryer, deodorizer, remote control, stainless steel nozzle, and night light. Non-electric bidets are excellent at one thing: cleaning. They do not have any electronic components, so no hot seats or hot water are available. Electric seats, on the other side, have convenience, while non-electric seats provide simplicity and affordability. What you prefer is determined by the requirements. There are several product options to pick from. All provide excellent value for money and a diverse set of features.

How much does a bidet cost?

·         The price of a bidet toilet seat with an electric bidet ranges from £300 to £1,000.
·         Non-electric bidet toilet seats usually cost less than £100.
·         There are a range of possibilities starting at about £20.
·         Electric chairs that cost £300 usually include basic features like a heated seat and a wash.

Why should I need a bidet?

Bidets are faster than toilet paper at removing waste and bacteria. They are the most hygienic way to clean up during a bowel movement. Bidets have a long list of wellness and grooming advantages, rendering them an obvious option for those wanting to enhance their toileting experience. Bidets are the most sanitary choice for keeping clean during a bowel movement since they kill excess debris and bacteria more efficiently than toilet paper. Irritable bowel syndrome patients with hemorrhoids may benefit from bidets. Oscillating or pulsating washing options are available on certain bidets, which tend to calm the intestines. They are offering a sanitary means of getting cleaned. The electric bidet toilet seat (Japanese toilets) is a full-size version that requires no extra plumbing. They are hygienic, and they will help you wipe the last residue off the front and back. Many citizens choose to use a bidet instead of toilet paper. Some bidets have a warm air dryer, which eliminates the need for washing and provides a hands-free toileting experience from beginning to end. Such models may have a wearable remote control that can be used outside the bathroom door by the patient or caregiver. This allows those with less freedom to have more privacy and confidentiality in the restroom while also remaining extremely safe.

What is the use of a bidet if I do not need one?

·         Bidets remove trash and microorganisms quicker than toilet paper.
·         They are the most sanitary method of cleaning up after a bowel movement.
·         Bidets provide a slew of health and grooming benefits, making them an easy choice for anybody looking to improve their toileting experience.
·         Patients with irritable bowel syndrome who have hemorrhoids may benefit from bidets.
·         Certain bidets provide oscillating or pulsing cleaning choices, which help to soothe the intestines.

 How challenging is it to install a bidet seat?

How challenging is it to install a bidet seat?

Is it necessary to run hot water to the bidet seat?

The smart toilet seat does not need a link to hot water. Electrical seats are plugged into the wall and do not need to be connected to a hot water supply. Simply connect the water pan of your bidet seat to the toilet us water supply and you are good to go! Many non-electric bidet seats and bidet extensions use water from your toilet us water source and therefore do not need a hot water link. Certain non-electrical bidets, on the other hand, have a hot water function that requires them to be connected to a hot water grid. In this situation, all you have to do is mount your bidet to the hot-water line using the T-connector used in most moaning sets that come with the product.

Is it essential to have electricity built in the bathroom to use a smart bidet?

The use of electric bidet seats and integrated units necessitates the use of batteries. The majority of electric bidet seats come with hot water heaters. Electricity is also needed for features including a heated bench, oscillating and pulsing washing mist, enema wash, hot air dryer, active deodorizer, night lighting, nozzle change, and self-cleaning.

Is it essential for me to use toilet paper?

It is all up to you. You would not need to use toilet paper if you use the air dryer. You would just use the air dryer to dry yourself if you do not need it. However, in all scenarios, the requirement for toilet paper would be greatly diminished since the primary washing is done using water rather than toilet paper.

Is it possible to use a bidet without electricity?

Some bidets are driven by batteries, and others are powered by your bathroom's water pressure. Electricity is not needed for traditional bidets, portable bidet sprayers, non-electrical bidet chairs, or bidet attachments. Attachment bidets are driven by the water pressure in your bathroom. The main feature of non-electric models is to wash with water.

How difficult is it to set up a bidet seat?

Without any special equipment or technical assistance, most smart bidet seats can be assembled in less than half an hour. Overall, there are just a few easy steps to mounting a bidet bench. Remove the old toilet seat and replace it with the bidet mounting plate. Then shut off the toilet us water flow and place a tee valve on the drain. Due to the wide range of toilet connections, an adapter can be needed on occasion. Then simply attach the bidet seat hose to the T-valve and the bidet to the toilet us mounting pad. If Please keep in mind that certain bidet seats necessitate the use of an electric socket that must be located within a few meters of the toilet. If your seat is electronic, the last move is to connect it to a power source. You would still need to mount the faucets and the dock on the wall if your bidet comes with a remote control. Both BrookPad bidets come with basic assembly bits.

Is it difficult to install a bidet seat?

·         Most smart bidet seats may be constructed in less than half an hour without any special tools or professional support.

·         There are just a few simple steps to installing a bidet bench.
·         Remove the old toilet seat and install the bidet mounting plate in its place.
·         Then turn off the water supply to the toilet and install a tee valve on the drain.
·         An adapter may be required on occasion due to the vast variety of toilet connectors.

How thoroughly can the bidet toilet seat clean me?

Water, on the other hand, is a far easier way to disinfect yourself than toilet paper. Bidets provide a broad range of health and hygiene benefits, making them a natural choice for those looking to better their hygiene.

What is the strongest bidet that is not electric?

It all depends on the budget when it comes to shower bidets. Any BrookPad product provides excellent value for money. However, if you want additional features, you may have to pay more money. When comparing non-electric bidets, the BrookPad EcoSplash 270HD offers the most feature if price is not an issue. It could be used in both hot and cold water, and temperature and pressure could be adjusted. It has two angle-adjustable and retractable wash and bidet nozzles, as well as a self-cleaning feature.

What is the best place to purchase a bidet?

BrookPad has an online bidet store at, which focuses on a robust bidet offering. You have come to the right spot if you are looking to purchase a bidet online. Handheld bidets, bidet fixtures, and smart toilet seats are among the items we offer. We will also assist you in selecting the appropriate bidet or determining which style best suit your toilet. If our consultant is open, send us a message or speak with us.

Which smart bidet toilet is the best?

When it comes to smart bidet toilets, it all depends on your expenditure. Both BrookPad goods are extremely cost-effective. However, if you select a variant with more features, the price would rise as well. If you do not mind paying a little more, we recommend the BrookPad SplashLet 2100RB if you want a remote control edition. The SplashLet 2100FB is also an excellent option if you want a top variant with a side view. All of these units are incredibly comfortable and come with enhanced features and increased capacity. Air dryer, active carbon deodorization, built-in water heater, additional instant water heating system, smart energy saving function, pulsation and aerated wash, and exclusive rainfall shower nozzle are all included in both versions. It is the perfect all-in-one option for updating your toilet on the market.

·         It all depends on your budget when it comes to smart bidet toilets.
·         Both BrookPad products are relatively affordable.
·         If you prefer a top variation with a side view, the SplashLet 2100FB is also a great choice.


Which smart toilet is better suited to my toilet bowl?

Which smart toilet is better suited to my toilet bowl?

How can I keep my bidet remote from being misplaced?

While using a wireless remote control to operate a bidet seat is extremely easy, you do not want to risk losing or damaging this important piece of equipment. The good news is that most handheld remote controls come with a docking station or mounting station that can be installed on the bathroom wall. This allows for easy access to the remote control in the bathroom while still ensuring that it is not misplaced. You should press the controls when the remote is mounted on the wall in most cases, or you can remove it if you choose to hold it when running. There is also the choice of selecting a side panel that is permanently attached to the smart toilet seat, ensuring that it is never misplaced and is still available when needed.

·         This enables for quick access to the remote control while also ensuring that it is not forgotten in the restroom.
·         In most circumstances, you should press the controls with the remote fixed on the wall, but you may remove it if you want to hold it while running.

Which smart toilet suits my toilet bowl the best?

It is a smart idea to review toilet criteria if you are searching for the best match for your toilet bowl. The length of the toilet, the gap between mooning bolts, and the distance from front to mounting bolts are the three most significant measurements to review. The first is the required length from front to cistern or wall (in the case of wall hanging models), which would help determine if there is enough room for a smart toilet to be installed. A flat surface of at least 480mm is needed for the most compact model 1000RB. Second, there is a choice of minimum and maximum spacing between mounting bolts that will work. Many toilets have a spacing between mounting bolts of 160mm, but most SplashLet smart toilets may be mounted with a gap of 120mm to 210mm. The final dimension is the difference between the front of the toilet and the mounting bolts where the moving plate will be mounted. There are SplashLet versions that can suit if the width is between 400mm and 500mm. You would be able to choose the right suited bidet for you if you review the measurements of your toilet tank.

Which smart toilet is best for my toilet bowl?

·         If you are looking for the ideal fit for your toilet bowl, it is a good idea to evaluate toilet requirements.
·         The toilet us length, the distance between mooning bolts, and the distance from the front to the mounting bolts are the three most important parameters to check.
·         The first is the needed length from front to cistern or wall (in the case of wall hanging versions), which will assist evaluate if there is adequate space to install a smart toilet.
·         For the most compact model 1000RB, a flat surface of at least 480mm is required.
·         Although many toilets need a 160mm space between mounting bolts, most SplashLet smart toilets may be installed with a range of 120mm to 210mm.

What do I do if my smart toilet is not going to fit?

Toilet bowls come in a variety of sizes, making it difficult to match a bidet. It is a good idea to test the bidet seat without using it right away to see if it is suitable. If you find that your bidet does not fit, you can replace it if a similar model is available in a larger or smaller size. Furthermore, according to our discount policies, it is necessary to return the order. It is not uncommon for the same smart toilet, which is mounted on the same type of toilet tank, to complement some and not others; it is often a matter of personal preference.

Is it essential for me to use a water filter in conjunction with my smart toilet?

The primary goal of utilizing filters is to provide clean water to the system. Water filters can be used and adjusted on a daily basis, based on how hard the water is. Solid limestone deposits may develop when hard water is heated, such as in a smart toilet us water heater. This limestone would shorten the equipment's existence, reduce its capacity, and possibly clog the inner pipes. It might not be essential to have an extra water filter if you have a central water filtering device in your home or realize that the water in your environment is very clean and smooth, with PPM near to zero.

  • The major purpose of using filters is to ensure that the system receives clean water.
  • Depending on how hard the water is, water filters may be used and changed on a regular basis.

How much do I replace the water filter?

The main purpose of filtration is to provide filtered water to the system. It is recommended that you use a filtration device and replace it on a regular basis, depending on how hard the water is. It is advised that you adjust your filter based on the PPM (Parts Per Million) of the water or the hardness of the water. If the PPM is between 0 and 99, every ten months (moderately soft) if 100 - 199 PPM (slightly hard) every 6 months if 200 - 275 PPM (hard) every 4 months if 200 - 275 PPM (hard) every 2 months if 275+ PPM (very hard) It might not be appropriate to provide an additional filtration device if you have a central purifier in your home or if you realize that the water in your zone is really pure and soft, with PPM near to zero.

  • Filtration's primary goal is to give filtered water to the system.
  • Depending on how hard the water is, it is advised that you use a filter system and change it on a regular basis.

With smart toilets and bidet toilets, comfort is increased.

Bidets have often been considered a distinct device from toilets, though they are often placed adjacent to them. They use gentle and safe methods for water spraying and rinsing. People use BrookPad SplashLet and EcoSplash toilets worldwide, so it is unsurprising that there are so many bidet toilet choices. On the other side, bidet toilets incorporate a bidet that cleans messes similarly to a single bidet. However, by integrating two fixtures and eliminating the need to switch between the toilet and bidet, you can maximize the amount of space available in your bathroom. For instance, the BrookPad SplashLet is a smart toilet that blends the best features of modern toilets with the ability to clean similarly to a bidet. Seat ventilation, a hot air dryer, customizable pressure levels, turbo wash, odor extraction, and a night light feature are only a couple of the available choices. Apart from bidet toilets that provide the best of all worlds, replacement bidet accessories for installed toilets are often affordable. These innovative bidet toilet seats have a hose that cleans you when required. Although these are not as spectacular as BrookPad's shower toilets, they are more accessible and compliant with a wide range of toilets, enabling those with traditional fixtures to enjoy the comfort of a smart bidet toilet.

Undoubtedly, a stream of water, especially heated water, can boost efficiency. "Gentle" and "smart toilet" imply not only a more comfortable state of mind, but also a happier one. It all comes down to physical health. Maintaining a clean body removes toxins that serve as spawning grounds for bacteria. As one would imagine, bidets come in a range of sizes. Each instrument is self-contained. Each toilet seat or lid is intended for use on top of the toilet. - of them is a technological wonder that you can never fully comprehend before you visit Japan. Hot water, air drying, automated on/off, and low-maintenance self-cleaning nozzles are only a couple of the features available. Smart toilet seats are becoming more prevalent in European households. Bidet sprayers intended for European bathrooms have become more affordable in recent years. Until pressing the "clean" button on the remote control or the button on the bidet control's end, the nozzle stays in the bidet. The spray head may either remain fully stationary or be separated from the washer's center. As the water temperature rises, the washing machine's rinse cycle can be temporarily paused before the spin cycle starts. Not only can smart toilets improve your wellbeing and ease, but also the wellbeing and well-being of the community and the world in general. BrookPad is dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by using as many recycled materials as possible. The usage of a smart toilet may contribute to global deforestation reduction while also saving money on toilet paper. Never be afraid to go out to do something different.

Comfort is improved with smart toilets and bidet toilets.

·         People all around the globe utilize BrookPad SplashLet and EcoSplash toilets, therefore it is no surprise that there are so many bidet toilet options.
·         Bidet toilets, on the other hand, include a bidet that cleans messes similarly to a single bidet.
·         However, you may optimize the amount of space available in your bathroom by combining two fixtures and removing the need to transition between the toilet and the bidet.
·         The BrookPad SplashLet, for instance, is a smart toilet that combines the greatest features of current toilets with the capacity to clean like a bidet.
·         Only a few of the options include seat ventilation, a hot air drier, variable pressure settings, turbo wash, odor extraction, and a night light function.
·         Aside from bidet toilets, which combine the best of both worlds, replacement bidet accessories for existing toilets are often inexpensive.
·         In recent years, bidet sprayers designed for European bathrooms have gotten more cheap.
·         Never be scared to go out and try something new.


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