Decorating a tiny bathroom ideas.

Here are some bathroom design ideas to help you with your new décor.

Decorating a tiny bathroom ideas.

Ideas for a little bathroom.

A cramped bathroom doesn't have to be. Even a small bathroom may be transformed with smart space-saving ideas and lovely décor. Color, pattern, and even storage may be used to create the ideal little bathroom. Consider angling your tub to suit the small space. Paint an old bathroom or add wood paneling to a tiny, bland bathroom.

Instead of a bathtub, try a trailless shower with retractable side panels. Bathroom paneling is popular because it looks good against white. Pink bathroom ideas include a marble-inspired mirror, patterned wallpaper, and a painted vanity. Opt for bold opposing hues like blue and green to counteract the pink. Geometric flowery wallpaper in a small bathroom.

Add a braided mirror and flowers. Samuel Your sink or shower may be curved. Bathroom with skylight and tool and toiletry cabinets. A seat and silky-soft towels turn a lonely tub into a Zen haven. Warm and quiet environment with wooden floors.

A patterned floor may enlarge a tiny bathroom. A narrow, oblong sink seems larger. When it comes to bathroom glass, consider mirrored medicine cabinets. Add a standalone bath to an oval bath. Inflate the room's size using a mirror.

The size of a person's room does not always match the eye's impression. Moving furniture is ideal for tiny bathrooms. Expand your space with multi-purpose and freestanding furniture. Bathrooms may be made more functional and stylish with modern fixtures, storage, and décor. Smaller roll-top tubs are available for people with limited room.

Unusable fixture space is saved via a built-in recessed shelf at waist level. For a small bathroom, make everything soft and natural. It may be a great focus point in a tiny bathroom. For optimum storage, use a tallboy cabinet. Add two basins to a small bathroom to make it seem like a spa.

Patterned floors give flair to a small bathroom. Extra floor space will make your bathroom seem bigger. Soft neutrals and natural textures may create a peaceful sanctuary. Small bathrooms benefit from bright colors to make them seem larger. Make the bathtub paneling match the walls or floor for a clean, modern look.

Temperature increase for extra fun in the tub. Change the atmosphere of the bathroom lighting. Many believe a dark palette is unsuitable for a small area, yet it may be utilized effectively. For example, a deep blue with glossy black tiles creates a sense of spaciousness. A period-style bathtub completes this beautiful and modern family bathroom.


1.     Decorating a bathroom

A small bathroom doesn't have to be cramped or uncomfortable if you employ clever tricks. A few clever space-saving solutions and beautiful decorations can transform even the tiniest bathroom in seconds. With your landlord's permission, you may make minor changes without breaking the bank. We show you how to use color, pattern, and even storage to create the perfect little bathroom. More bathroom ideas may be found on our bathroom ideas page.

2.     Plan a tiny bathroom?

It's possible to design a tiny bathroom without sacrificing style. Determine what features, like a bath or extra storage, you need in a bathroom. Construct a scaled plan, allowing room for individuals to walk about the fittings. Keep the toilet where it is, since moving the dirt stack may be costly. Decorative tiles and underfloor heating for those chilly mornings are optional.

3.     Make a bath room.

Because tanking or waterproofing the whole room is needed, adding a bathroom to your home is more expensive than just adding a shower. By removing closed shower doors and heavy trays, a bathroom may seem larger and more open.

4.     Use a shower curtain.

Install a shower curtain on runners to the ceiling in a small bathroom that only fits a brief bath to create depth. This inexpensive moveable room divider may help you create a more private and pleasant bathing experience.

5.     Use a smart bidet.

A smart toilet saves space while offering bidet functions directly in the toilet. This will enhance comfort, give you a more contemporary appearance, save space and money on toilet paper.

6.     Bath cabinet matching

Traditional matching cabinetry provide elegance to a small bathroom. Interior storage keeps surfaces clean, while painted oak doors provide a polished, traditional appearance.

7.     Use odd-shaped baths.

A bathroom beneath the eaves requires careful design. Find a layout that utilizes awkward angles and sloping ceilings. While it is not necessary to have headroom for a bath, showers and sinks should be placed at the room's highest point.

8.     a bathroom cabinet.

Modern heating systems have rendered many homes' airing closets outdated. If it's large enough and near enough to the bathroom, it might become a shower. Seek professional advice to evaluate whether your current plumbing can handle the new addition.

9.     Make use of the bath's walls.

Most restrooms have large expanses of blank wall space. With a little planning, you can ditch bulky upright cabinets and save up floor space by using smart, elevated storage alternatives. Shelves, thin wall cabinets, and baskets may be decorative while storing towels, toiletries, and mementos.

10.Discard the bath tub.

If you don't enjoy soaking, you may want to ditch the tub altogether. It will free up room for a big walk-in shower with a rainfall head – you will be astonished!

11.Bathroom tile ideas

This little ornamental tiled feature wall is a great way to freshen up small spaces. Blush pink tones and strong structural lines evoke a classy Art Deco vibe. To provide contrast, choose a matt black sink and matching accessories.

12.Wall-mount faucets

Using as many fixtures and fittings as possible may save up space while providing a tiny bathroom a sleek, contemporary appearance. Minimalist wall-mounted taps, like this matt black type, can elevate even the most basic budget designs.

13.A bath mirror maximizes space.

Mirrors enlarge a tiny bathroom. Place wall lights on each side of a big vanity mirror to reflect light.

14.Bathe in a new way.

Do you think you don't have enough room for a bathtub and a shower? Instead of precisely positioning fittings, try angling your bathtub to better fit the existing area. In contrast to many modern washrooms, the casual, jaunty angle softens the stark, uniformed lines.

15.Refresh an outdated bathroom with paint.

Paint is the cure to ugliness in décor. Thanks to its magical powers, this bathroom was turned into a chic powder room. Isn't it a lovely circle? It was mounted on the original using double-sided tape.

16.Modify bathroom fixtures.

When space is limited, every inch counts, so think outside the box to make your small bathroom work. A trailless shower with retractable side panels allows you to better use the shower area when not in use. Shower floor tiles, like this easy-to-drain pebble tile, will provide subtle difference.

17.Invest in a bath personality.

Small bathrooms may easily become claustrophobic when packed with furniture and décor, but that doesn't mean they have to be bland and boring. Wild hanging lights and a waterproof gallery wall provide unique touches without taking up too much space.

18.Use mirrored surfaces.

Glossy bathroom tiles reflect light, making your bathroom seem larger. Cleaning is a breeze, and its versatile wall covering allows for many design options. This iridescent herringbone pattern is perfect for a botanical-themed design.

19.Bathroom paneling is popular.

Wood paneling on the walls of small, bland bathrooms adds character. This charming cladding comes in a range of water-resistant finishes and adds an elegant, historic touch to any design. Sleek, space-saving items are best.

20.Update an old bathroom with black fixtures.

A white bathroom with black fixtures and furnishings stands out. Replacing a sink or countertop faucet is usually a straightforward and reversible modification.

21.Save your old bath.

While black and white tiling is classic, the old wallpaper on these walls made the space seem dark and claustrophobic. Extraction had a big effect. The finishing touches included replacing the sconces and updating decorative features like as cabinet knobs and the shower curtain.

22.Incorporate both.

Decorate your bathroom with story-telling themes. This coastal-inspired bathroom decor blends nautical and rough-hewn elements.

23.The finest pink bathroom design ideas.

Because you can't rip it all out, dress up your pink bathroom. Mirror, patterned wallpaper and painted vanity all compliment the pink tile. To balance out the pink in your bathroom, choose strong, contrasting colors like blue and green.

24.Rethink your bathroom door's design.

A hinged door that swings inward may decrease usable area in a tiny bathroom. Replacing it with a pocket door would require removing part of the wall. Fortunately, we have two more solutions to this difficult issue. A regular door may become a sliding barn door. You may also reverse the direction of your bathroom door. It involves moving the door's hinges to the opposite side of the hole. It takes one day for skilled DIYers with the right tools.

25.Floral bathroom wallpaper.

Geometric floral wallpaper makes a statement in a little bathroom. Finish with a braided mirror and fresh flowers.

26.With a bathtub shelf.

A modest shelf across the tub has fresh flowers, a scented candle, and a bottle of wine.

27.The bathroom mirrors are flashy.

Perception affects the surroundings. Try glamming up a plain mirror, or vice versa. You just need a sleek smart countertop cosmetics mirror to see yourself in your finest light.

28.Bath tile oddities

Try an alternative direction for your mosaic, like this diagonal herringbone design on the wall.

29.Build a daring bath shower.

Unique designs for the shower, including this honeycomb-like tessellation. That way, you may have a luxury design without spending a lot on the entire space.

30.Your room needs a skylight.

This is one of the more ambitious bathroom design ideas, but it works. In the bathroom, a skylight may significantly brighten and expand the space.

31.Bathtubs Should Have Curves.

A curved sink or shower may help you recover some space. It may not seem like much, but in a tiny space, every inch matters.

32.Sort your cabinets.

Don't forget the cabinet contents. Divide your cabinets into divisions for tools and toiletries. Large baskets hold hair dryers, flat irons, and brushes, while smaller trays hold cosmetics and cosmetic products.

33.Rethink your sink.

If you are remodeling or building a new tiny bathroom, consider a corner sink. No need for a large traditional sink. A corner sink performs the same function, but takes up less space and needs less cleaning.

34.Opt for a patterned floor rather a plain one

Surprisingly, this bathroom has no windows. Tall mirrored medicine cabinets and a glass shower accentuate the interior illumination. Wolf used built-in cabinets to save floor space. A herringbone wood floor gives the illusion of a larger, warmer bath.

35.Install open bookcases in the WC.

A tall cubby provides storage fast, especially if you don't have a vanity or medicine cabinet. Keep in mind that cosmetics, nail polish, and perfume should be stored away from moisture.

36.Reduce your shower bath's size.

So you have a little bathroom but want a beautiful shower-bath? Soak in a long, hot soak in a wall-mounted slimline tub, which is smaller but not shorter. Win-win!


Use zoning to make a small space seem larger. This clever bathroom is small and simple, but the well defined zones make it seem bigger. In reality, the toilet and sink are just around half a meter apart, but the wood paneling and tiled backsplash assist to give a sense of isolation.

38.An oval bath may provide the illusion of greater space.

In a small bathroom, a freestanding bath is acceptable. An oval bath gives the appearance of greater room. It may also display bath salts, plants, and other goods.

39.Taps should be on a sink's side.

You may get your ideal design even with a small bathroom; just think outside the box. Choose a slimline, oblong sink with plenty of capacity but not much width. Adding side taps will help solve any problems caused by the limited width, since the water will flow as far as feasible.

40.When it comes to bathroom glass, be creative.

A frameless walk-in shower with frameless panels adds to the feeling of space in this beautiful bathroom. Grey marble wall tiles and brass lights provide a subtle sparkle to the little space.

41.A mirrored wall may quadruple the room's size.

It doesn't really double the size, but it seems to. Mirrors may change the look and feel of a room by reflecting light and giving the sense of space. Many interior designers utilize it to optimize space. Use a mirror to brighten your bathroom, whether you cover a whole wall with it or simply hang a big one!

42.Closed storage keeps everything tidy.

Untidiness on the counter can overwhelm even the most exquisite bath. In order to conceal things, Samuel suggests a linen closet or a vanity with drawers and doors. Show showcase just your favorite, well-designed products.

43.It should be light and bright.

The hardwood floor and vanity give this modern bathroom a warm and peaceful feel. The window light reflects a subtle mint-green tone. The open area surrounding the freestanding tub and the light-filtering curtain fabric make the room seem larger.

44.Accent colors for the bath.

Allow your wall decor to establish your color palette, like the red, blue, and aqua in this room.

45.Spa Essentials setup.

Convert your solitary tub into a Zen retreat with an inviting stool and silky-soft towels. Pouring bath salts into a clear container encourages self-indulgence.

46.Bath Floating Shelves

Decorate translucent floating shelves with lovely cosmetics from the medical cabinet. With everything in front of you, your morning routine will be much faster.

47.Save space in the bathroom.

Extra storage is vital in a small apartment. Wooden cubbies hold essentials, while a hidden glass ledge holds flowers.

48.Fix the bathroom's flaws.

When room is limited, closing the gap between the components makes sense. To optimize space in a tiny home, consider a waterproof wet room with the toilet opposite the shower.

49.The taps should be wall mounted.

Wall-mounted mixer taps are excellent for tiny bathrooms since they conceal the pipes without a big basin pedestal. You may place bookshelves or a laundry basket there.

50.Work in a wall-mounted unit.

Wall-mounted modular furniture is a popular for storage since it is simple and elegant. Height, breadth, and depth options enable you to create semi-custom furniture that fits your space precisely. Colors and textures range from soft tones to strong tones.

51.Buy multi-purpose, freestanding furniture.

A tiny footprint should not hinder your creative flair. If your bathroom is small, moveable furniture is an excellent choice. Unlike fitted bathroom cabinets, freestanding storage and chairs may be taken with you when you move.

52.Modern bathroom tiles mislead.

A person's room size does not always match the eye's perception of space. By tiling the bath side and the wall with the same design, it will be impossible to determine where one stops and the other begins, making the area seem larger. Marble is particularly useful in this application since the individual tiles are hardly discernible.

53.The same tiles for the floor and walls.

Using the same tiles on the walls and floor makes a small bathroom seem bigger. The continuous tile run and wall-hung fixtures give this family bathroom a spa-like feel. If natural stone isn't your style, add color with towels, storage, and accessories.

54.Add a slipper bath.

If you can't accommodate a conventional roll-top bath in your bathroom, consider a shapely slipper bath. Smaller roll-top baths are available for those who prefer traditional fittings but lack space.

55.Furnish to scale.

Large furniture may overshadow a small space, so select pieces that fit the space. A small bathroom needs just a vanity and a storage rack that may be mounted on the wall or put on the bath's edge. That doesn't mean you can't be unique. Then paint the vanity unit in your chosen color.

56.Recessed shelves are fantastic.

Recessed shelves keep toiletries tidy and off the floor, saving space. Making the shelves into fake walls to hide pipes is a clever use of a necessary feature. Use recessed lighting, either linear or spot.

57.Add a shelf.

Uniqueness is essential even in small spaces. Install a small built-in shelf at waist level to display artwork, plants, candles, and toiletries without taking up valuable cabinet space.

58.Bathrooms that are little yet make a big impact.

A tiny bathroom doesn't have to be a barrier when it comes to style. The latest streamlined fixtures, space-saving storage, and on-trend décor can transform even the tiniest bathrooms. Prepare to steal these amazing small-space renovation ideas. endeavor

59.Toilet wallpaper

Beautiful wallpaper with enormous, dramatic patterns may even make tiny spaces seem larger when applied properly in small bathrooms. This lush tropical design on a powder pink backdrop looks stunning with the bright green vanity and white metro tiles.

60.Try out ombre effects.

This little bathroom shows how a few imaginative touches can provide wow-factor to even the smallest of rooms. These ingenious ombre-effect floor tiles create the illusion of a larger space by extending the line of sight from the floor to the bathtub's edge.

61.Soak in the sun!

Storage space is often restricted when walls are filled by bathroom suites, shower cubicles, and windows. Install a towel rack above the bathtub for a hotel-like feel. Industrial design with compact, accessible shelves and rustic appeal.

62.Trim the tub's ed

In a small bathroom, avoiding common bathroom design mistakes like cramming insufficient off-the-shelf equipment into a small space is essential. Choose a rounded vanity to save space and create a seamless flow. A wall-mounted model frees up floor space and gives the illusion of more.

63.Keep the bathroom simple.

If you're confused on how to design your little bathroom, keep it soft and natural. Use clean-lined furniture and accessories to create a feeling of spaciousness.

64.Mirrors may enlarge it.

Mirrored tiles may be used to give pattern and reflections to a wall. These metro tiles offer a more design-oriented version of mirrors than a flat sheet of mirror.

65.Make your bath the star.

A freestanding bath may be a wonderful focal point in a small bathroom. They aren't all as big as you think, and smaller versions are available for tighter spaces. Use a beautiful stencil to draw the eye upwards and give the illusion of space.

66.Use your furniture well.

Choose a tallboy unit that extends to the ceiling for maximum storage in tiny bathrooms. A mirrored cabinet will seem larger in a tiny bathroom.

67.Make bath heating versatile.

Modern radiators are stylish and functional, but they may take up valuable wall space. The tubes' innovative rectangular form combines a radiator, towel rail, and storage box, maximizing wall space.

68.a pocket door

Sliding pocket doors may assist optimize space in tiny areas. You may utilize your bathroom's floor plan fully without having to compromise on door clearances. Paint the sliding door the same color as the walls to unify the space.

69.Get spa fashion tips.

A tranquil retreat may be created using soft neutral hues and natural tactile materials. Earthy pebble-style wall cladding and grey wood-effect tiles flow from the walls to the floor. Warm timber tones and hanging plants create a calm, earthy feel. Two basins complete the spa-like experience if space allows.

70.The bathroom floor.

A patterned statement floor, like this 3D-effect cube design, is a great way to personalize a tiny bathroom. The remainder of the design should be kept simple, with minimal fixtures, a streamlined vanity, and a glass shower screen to allow the floor shine.

71.Fix a bath ladder to a wall.

Wooden or metal ladders are a stylish way to store and dry towels, especially in tiny bathrooms. This useful vertical shape adds a rustic, country feel to this modern design.

72.Fix a bath rack.

A bath rack or tray is a low-cost and quick storage option, especially in small rental bathrooms where wall-mounted storage is difficult. This clever storage solution, available in wood, chrome, or gold-effect, keeps all your amenities handy while also providing the perfect spot for a candle.

73.Accessible toilet flooring

Make your bathroom seem larger by increasing the perceived floor space. Bathrooms with wall-hung sinks, storage cabinets, and toilets seem larger. These items will help make cleaning easier by decreasing the amount of tough places to squeeze the mop into.

74.Unplug the faucets.

If your small bathroom only has enough for a tiny bathtub, remove the taps and replace them with a stylish freestanding tap to maximize your space. You could even choose a matching freestanding tap to complete the look.

75.Raise the bath's temperature.

A bath raised to provide more floor space will help make a tiny bathroom seem bigger. This classic design has a powder pink bath elevated on ornate feet for a regal feel.

76.Take a half-tiled floor for example.

tiling just the wet parts of your tiny bathroom and leaving the walls untiled Tile-free is a great way to open up a space and give it a more expansive feel, while also saving money.

77.Minimize your roll-top bath.

Having a small bathroom does not mean you can't have a magnificent roll-top bath. Small tubs are shorter yet deeper, allowing for a longer, more relaxing bubble bath.

78.Mix in the bath.

The bathtub paneling may be treated as a continuation of the walls or floor for a clean, contemporary appearance. Large format tiles may help create the illusion of more space in your bathroom.

79.Monochromatic it.

Keep things simple in a dazzling little bathroom with a black and white color scheme. White tiles will visually extend the space, while black accents will provide a touch of elegance. A white bathroom suite looks classic and beautiful when combined with a black paneled bath and dramatic flooring.

80.Contrast boldly.

If you want to be more daring with your home décor, a small bathroom is the ideal place to do it. Smaller spaces lend itself to dramatic colors, and changing your mind isn't as expensive. This dark and romantic design mixes black hexagonal tiles with delicate pink tiling.

81.Improve the bathroom lighting.

Modern lighting can transform even the smallest bathrooms. Line alcoves with low-level LED strip lights for a quiet bath after a long day. Use smart lights or a dimmer switch to regulate the brightness and warmth.

82.Experiment with dark.

The notion that a dark palette is inappropriate for a tiny space is widely held, yet it may be used well. For example, an inky or midnight blue looks great with glossy black tiles to create a feeling of space. Combining it with a period-style bathtub creates a boutique hotel-worthy bathroom.

83.Make a tile optical illusion.

Use clever optical illusions to make your little bathroom seem larger and more roomy. Tiling may assist. Vertical tile stripes make a room seem taller, while V-shaped tiles make a space feel more open and airy.

84.Simplify bathroom storage!

Medicines, razors, and cotton buds should not be shown, but large storage cabinets in a tiny bathroom may be difficult to fit. Choose additional space-saving solutions, like this tall, sleek cabinet for towels. Consider adding storage to essential fixtures such as the sink and choosing a mounted cabinet with mirrored doors over a flat bathroom mirror.

85.Pick a focal point in the bathroom.

Even if your walls are small, you may make one of them a main point. Use patterned tiles or a digitally printed backsplash to create a focal wall. Use storage without compromising the overall beauty to maximize space—these hexagonal shelves are ideal for the job.

86.Combining bath and shower

Is there room for a separate shower and bath? Take a bath and a shower. Choose one with a staggered shower area for more standing space. Choose a frameless transparent shower screen that lets in light to make your bathroom seem larger.

87.Shower makeover

Install a full-length shower with dual shower heads in your small bathroom if you seldom use your bath. Spa-like showers with massaging shower heads and weatherproof audio speakers are available.

88.No-handle furniture is the way to go.

Avoid putting handles and knobs on furniture. Choose drawers and doors that open with a push or with a ridge you may grip to open. This may sound minor, but in a tight space, every inch counts.

89.Slide-out toilet storage drawers

We're not sure why sliding drawers aren't the first choice for a small bathroom. They are excellent for keeping little items like hairbrushes, dental floss, and tweezers provided they are arranged with tidy spacers.

90.Keep washroom surfaces clean.

Bathroom accessories like towel rings, toothbrush holders, and soap dispensers may also be mounted on the wall, freeing up valuable counter space. Stainless steel sets will avoid unsightly rusting.

91.Portable bath storage

In a small bathroom, movable storage is a lifesaver. For more attractive toiletries and folded flannels, the unit's freestanding form allows for easy rearrangement. With limited space, it may be stored in another bathroom.

92.Make zones.

The monochromatic hues, rustic wood, and lime accents make this little bathroom design stand out. Using patterned flooring to zone the wet areas helps create the illusion of a larger floor plan. While the tiling is more practical, the wooden-effect floor is more relaxed.

93.Shower curtain shaken.

Transparent shower screens are a great way to keep water in the bath while letting light in. However, the industry today offers more than basic transparent designs. When not in use, this beautiful Cristal-style paneled version may be folded against the wall.

94.Make fascinating nooks.

In a bathroom, a false wall is often needed to conceal pipes. Because not all of this space can hold pipes, you might use it to create a shelf alcove. Assistive features like recessed shelving above the bath or shower put necessities within reach.

95.In-fixture WC

Boxing in your bathroom's pipes is a great way to simplify a tiny area. It also offers additional surfaces for displaying plants and décor as well as storing necessities. With its clean lines and beautiful finish, this sleek grey design is available in packs or sets.

96.Demand bath storage.

It's even more important to be creative in limited spaces when it comes to bathroom storage. If your bathroom has an alcove, put a mirrored cabinet higher than normal, leaving a wide space below for hand towels.

97.Choose open bathroom shelves.

Open shelving that does not block light will make a small bathroom seem airy and open. It's also helpful to know where toiletries and towels are kept, especially in family bathrooms with a morning queue. If you can't afford a full bathroom renovation, accessories may help you maximize a tiny space. Go monochrome for a trendy look, or pink tones for a more contemporary look. The trend's style may be used to lights, mirrors, small decorations, and soft furniture.

98.Make smart furniture and accessory choices.

Convert a small console table into a vintage-inspired bathroom basin. Wall-mounted taps save space. A freestanding basin unit will open up your bathroom and enable you to see more of the floor. If you're limited on room, you may also store a few baskets underneath.

99.Reposition your shower valve.

If space is limited, an over-shower bath offers the best of both worlds. For a more pleasant experience, place your shower along the bath's longer side instead than the short side. Choose a bold tile pattern to set the bath apart from the rest of the room.

100.Keep a monochromatic palette.

Accessories may provide color, texture, and pattern. White can enlarge a bathroom and make it seem bigger. An elegant white bathroom with black grout. How to tile a sloped ceiling? Half-tiled walls would be lovely. More space and less tile waste. Light neutral tiles with a white ceiling will highlight roof lights.

Ideas for decorating a small bathroom.

  • A few clever space-saving solutions and beautiful decorations can transform even the tiniest bathroom.
  • We show you how to use color, pattern, and even storage to create the perfect little bathroom.
  • Consider angling your bathtub to better fit the limited area.
  • If a bath and separate shower aren't feasible, consider a trailless shower with retractable side panels.
  • A marble-inspired mirror, patterned wallpaper, and a painted vanity are the finest ways to decorate a pink bathroom.
  • Geometric floral wallpaper makes a statement in a little bathroom.
  • Samuel Curving your sink or shower may increase your workspace.
  • Bathroom with skylight and divided shelves for tools and toiletries.
  • A mirrored wall may quadruple the room's size.
  • A person's room size does not always match the eye's perception of space.
  • A freestanding bath may be a wonderful focal point in a small bathroom.
  • If you have space, add two basins to make a tiny bathroom seem like a spa.
  • A patterned statement floor in a tiny bathroom instantly adds character.
  • Your bathroom will seem larger if you have additional floor space.
  • For a sleek, contemporary appearance, have the bathtub paneling match the walls or floor.
  • Increase the bath's temperature for a more pleasurable experience.
  • Adjust the lighting in the bathroom to change the mood.
  • If you pair it with a period-style bathtub, you have an elegant and contemporary family bathroom.

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