Toilet with Stainless Steel Nozzle

This collection features smart toilets with stainless steel nozzles to maximize hygiene and washing. It looks great and prevents rust from forming on your nozzle, so it is ideal for keeping your nozzle in excellent shape for longer. SplashLet is a bathroom bidet system that can be used for either a smart toilet or a toilet bidet. Simply add the bidet to the toilet with the latest SplashLet smart toilet to take the toilet and sanitation to the next level. Do-it-yourself bidet installation is easy! You may compare many SplashLet-Japanese style toilet models on this page. On this webpage, you may learn more about smart toilets and non-electric sprayer features. If you would like to compare the various EcoSplash models, go here. Learn more about the latest trends in bathroom, health, and lifestyle design by visiting our blog. If you are searching for a good price, this is the place to go.