Kollektion: Bidet Toilet Sprayer Extension

This EcoSplash collection consists of non-electric extensions equipped with bidet function. There is also a bidet mode for ladies. More than one water supply system is installed on the nozzle. After using the toilet, a gentle water stream with adjustable water pressure enables you to clean your front genitalia. The cleaning settings of the bidet function are often adjustable. More information on the bidet function can be found here. WC Sprayer with a bidet feature that is not driven by electricity. spray nozzle requires the nozzle to be self-cleaning and water-processed after usage. Easy do-it-yourself assembly under an installed toilet seat. Fits most new toilet bowls perfectly. The WC Sprayer attachment is operated solely by water. Shower water greatly improves personal health and eliminates the need for toilet paper. There are systems available for single and double hot and cold water connections. This is where you will find all of the non-electric sprayers. If you would like to compare different EcoSplash models, function comparison can be found here. If you want to understand more about the many functions offered in smart toilets and non-electric sprayers, go here. Check out our blog for additional information on the most recent bathroom, health, and lifestyle news. Hvis du er Søger efter en god pris, this is the place to go.