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Ottimo per persona disabile

Sono un disabile in sedia a rotelle ed ho acqiustato il prodotto per agevolare me ed i miei assistenti nella cura e nell'igene intima, devo dire che dopo 3 mesi dall'acquisto sono molto soddisfatto della scelta fatta, lo consiglio in quanto il rapporto qualità prezzo è ottimo e l'utilizzo semplice ed intuitivo.

integrated full-bidet toilet

The highest homogeneity is observed in ceramics. It has all the features of a Japanese bathroom. This is my second creative bathroom. With a well-designed touchscreen remote control, you can see everything. The dryer and deodorant are in perfect condition and the pressure is constant. Washing is very gentle and effective. I really recommend.

The Highest Deal

Perfect for a modern bathroom, it significantly improves hygiene thanks to washing with water.

Bidet in the toilet bathroom

All functions as described

An adapter was required

Perfect, easy to end up on my SplashLet, I recommend.

Almost seamless

The product is usually optimistic, as defined. Despite the long waiting time, drying is not very strong,

Japanese style toilet

It is like a Japanese-style toilet, but was made in South Korea. Very good quality. Good job!

With a fitting toilet

To anyone who wants to be clean I suggest :)

Joy for the whole family

Exactly a joy to wash with water for the whole family.

Toilet in Japanese theme

This is our second electronic toilet seat and 5-star plus wash.

Super biobidet

Toilet like in Japanese movies, smart toilet helps to improve hygiene! I definitely recommend it.

Shower toilet for 5

Japanese style toilet very good product, side panel controls.

Japanese toilet for 5

The whole family is happy with the bathroom, same as in Japan. The whole family.


The product is operational, it washes, it is ok

Approx Link

very flawless water performance, very good filter, easy installation

Toilet seat with bidet like in Japan

The seat is easy to assemble and works very well, but does not include the parts needed to mount it to my toilet.

Towels + filters in Japan

directly to the toilet and shower

Love it

The whole family loves my successful purchase, the queue for this bathroom, when we are renovating the second bathroom, we will order another one :)

Toilet with integrated full bidet

The highest uniformity is seen in ceramics. It features every feature a Japanese bathroom could possibly have. This is my second creative bathroom. With a well-designed touch remote control, anything may be seen. The dryer and deodorizer are in perfect operating condition, and the pressure is constant. The washing is very gentle and effective. I really recommend it.

whole-house bathroom

It was purchased as a present for my dad.

It all suits together.

Heated table, back washing, turbo, bidet, kids mode, dryer, remote control,

I suggest that I suggest

The non-electric version of the shower toilet was very well made but only connected to the same water.


Everything is functional.

Great Biobidet

Smart toilet, as in Japanese films, helps improve hygiene! I recommend it, definitely.

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Lefalamang Abasisa

I really want things