Discount Applicable

If you have discount code here is list of all smart toilets and bidet extensions product where discounts are applicable. This will make price even more affordable. It is possible to use one discount as discount codes do not stack together. SplashLet is a bathroom alternative for bidets if you choose an intelligent toilet you will get bidet and water wash function. Additionally smart toilets are equipped in range of different functions such as heated toilet seat, turbo mode, dryer, deodorization or smart electricity saving mode.  EcoSplash is non-electric bathroom sprayer series for your toilet. This solution upgrade your regular toilet with water washing feature or event bidet. Both smart toilet and non-electric bidets significantly reduce need for toilet paper as main cleaning is done using water. On this website, you may compare numerous SplashLet-Japanese style toilet models. You can read more about smart toilets and non-electric sprayer functions on this website. If you wish to compare the different EcoSplash models, you may do so here. Visit our blog to learn more about the newest trends in bathroom, health, and lifestyle design. If you are looking for the best deal, you will find it here. Review Medals